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D.Medvedev has agreed to come to V.Pozner to an aether

the Prime minister - the minister of Russia and the party leader an United Russia Dmitry Medvedev has accepted the offer of TV presenter Vladimir Pozner to come to it on the program. On it it is informed on a TV channel site.
the aether will take place on Monday, on June, 4th, at 22:30 Moscow time, is specified in the message.
V.Pozner has suggested D.Medvedev to answer questions within the limits of the program in the end of May. We will remind, in the transfer ending Pozner on the First channel the TV presenter has mentioned a theme 13 - go congress an United Russia which has passed in the end of the past week.
V.Pozner has expressed bewilderment concerning that congress made decisions unanimously. The TV presenter has declared that, in its opinion, there, where some honeycombs or even hundred persons gather, it will be obligatory one against, necessarily one will refrain . At congress an United Russia However, was not any voice against, nobody has refrained . you understand, what so does not happen? - the TV presenter has noted.
V.Pozner has admitted that probably, something does not understand also has offered the head of the government and party leader D.Medvedev to visit its program and to give answers both to it, and another . It will be terribly interesting and, certainly, it is useful - the journalist has explained.
13 - j congress an United Russia has taken place in Moscow on May, 26th. On it D.Medvedev has unanimously been selected by the chairman of the party. Besides, changes have been made to the party charter, and also presidium Gensoveta " is selected; an United Russia .