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Word from three letters: Google is going to create the domain. lol

the world`s largest Google search engine is going to get nominal domains: today the corporation has made an application on acquisition of names:. google. youtube. doc and. lol, informs Mashable.
it is considered that in 2016. Almost half of world`s population will be on the Internet. About 50 % a web - sites which we visit, are in the top level domain (TLD). com which was one of the first domains of the top level, created in 1984. - it is informed in an official blog of the company.
domains will be divided into four categories: trade marks (for example. google), the domains raising convenience of work the Internet - users (. youtube), the services directly connected with the company (. doc). Last category - the most amusing. The zone concerns it. lol. As the company marks, materials will enter into it, potentially interesting for users.
the Name. lol has occurred from the Internet - mema laughing out loud - I laugh to tears . Use of abbreviation LOL cannot be met in every possible chats and messengers.
the company promises to keep options of confidentiality of the information of users.