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The Dnepropetrovsk terrorists were going to blow up children`s playgrounds

the Terrorists who have organised explosions in Dnepropetrovsk, planned the second wave of acts of terrorism - on children`s playgrounds. On it on a press - conferences in Dnepropetrovsk were informed by the head of Security service of Ukraine Igor Kalinin, transfers - Ukraine.
according to head SBU, agents of national security have come into contact to terrorists when those made demands by means of the Internet and SMS - messages. During negotiations from criminals the message in which they promised suit a series of acts of terrorism on children`s playgrounds has come.
on May, 29th they have sent us very long message where it has accurately been allocated: we do new explosions, we will work now on quantity of victims among children and old men. We will work on children`s playgrounds. On 30 - e number the next actions " have been appointed; - has told I.Kalinin.
as he said, on May, 30th of this year In the planned day of acts of terrorism, two from suspects have been detained.
earlier today the general public prosecutor of Ukraine Victor Pshonka has declared that business upon explosions in Dnepropetrovsk on April, 27th of this year completely is opened. the crime is opened, we have all information on it - the public prosecutor has told. He has added that political convictions could become motive of explosions in Dnepropetrovsk. He also has informed that suspects demanded from agents of national security to pay them 4,5 million dollars
we Will remind, on April, 27th in Dnepropetrovsk in different places have worked the explosives put in urns. 30 persons have as a result suffered nearby, 14 have been hospitalised. Fortunately, at explosions nobody was lost. Upon incident criminal case on ch is brought. 2 items 258 UK of Ukraine (act of terrorism). From - for state of emergency into a city have entered internal troops and armour.