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The court has fined the teacher who has told about frauds on elections

Vasileostrovsky court of St.-Petersburg has decided to collect from the former director of studies of local school of Tatyana Ivanovoj, refused to take part in a juggling of results of voting on elections in the State Duma, 30 thousand rbl. have informed On it in court.
about protection of business reputation which was submitted the chief of department of formation of Vasileostrovsky area by Natalia Nazarov, the court has satisfied the claim only partially. She intended to receive 100 thousand rbl.
the Claim against the teacher of school 575 has been submitted after it to interview to the New newspaper has accused officials RONO and city election committee of the organisation of falsifications on elections in the State Duma and city Legislative Assembly in December of last year. According to T.Ivanovoj, the local commissions were recommended to throw bulletins, to make duplicating lists with counterfeit signatures of voters.
the Teacher has refused to participate in frauds. Later it has been dismissed from school.
the court also has obliged the New newspaper to publish a refutation.
on the Internet campaign for fund raising in support of T.Ivanovoj already started. Lawyers of the teacher have declared that intend to appeal against against this decision.