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Skyguide will pay, but not all

the Swiss aviadispatching company Skyguide has reached agreements on compensatory payments to families of 28 Russian children who were lost as a result of accident over Boden sea. On it has informed official representative Skyguide of Rozmari Rottsetter. The sum of indemnification which should be paid families of victims, she has refused to name, transfers AR.
we Will remind, all in accident 57 children were lost. The German lawyer representing interests of 28 Russian families Michael Vitti has confirmed the information on indemnification, having declared that to the Russian families will be paid the six-place sum of the American dollars i.e. not less than 100 thousand dollars the Swiss newspapers name such figure - about 150 thousand dollars on one family. M.Vitti also has informed that in connection with the reached arrangement he plans to refuse to achieve from the intention payment of indemnifications in court of the USA. In the statement of Vitti also it is said that families of other lost children still achieve proceeding.
we will remind, on the night of July, 2nd 2002. Over Boden sea which is on border of Germany and Switzerland, have faced passenger They be 154 airlines the Bashkir airlines and transport Boeing - 757 companies DHL. As a result was lost 71 persons: 57 flying on rest to Spain children, 12 crewmen of the Russian plane and 2 pilots Boeing of company DHL. Accident has occurred over German territory, but in an air zone, controllable Switzerland. According to investigation, the negligence of the dispatcher of company Skyguide P.Nilsen which watched flight of both planes became the main cause of the tragedy. Among a cause of accident was called following: too later instructions on decrease which has been given by the dispatcher to the Russian liner. After preliminary investigation to it specification was added - crew They be 154 followed wrong instructions of the aviadispatcher on decrease in spite of the fact that the automatic system of safety of flight demanded ascent.
the tragedy has received continuation - P.Nilsen has been killed on the night of February, 25th of this year in own house in suburb of Zurich. Russian Vitaly Kaloyev has appeared its murderer, the wife and which two children were lost in this accident.
V.Kaloyev has informed the Swiss Office of Public Prosecutor that it has come to P.Nilsen`s house, wishing to demand from that apologies. The suspect at first spoke with killed, but has then lost control over itself and does not remember anything from this that has occurred further. As they say in the same report of the Swiss inspectors, after a short exchange of sharp remarks the Russian has put to the dispatcher a mortal blow a knife. According to some sources, Vitaly Kaloyev has refused indemnification, motivating it with indifference of the Swiss company which could avoid tragedy continuation if within two years did not deny the fault.
earlier it was informed that Skyguide has reached agreements on payment of 300 thousand dollars to families of 12 crewmen They be 154. Other statements of claim still are subject to consideration by the Swiss party.
also it is necessary to notice that in June 2003. The special Fund for payments of indemnifications to relatives of victims has been created. In the Fund creation which budget has made 50 million dollars, the governments of Germany, Switzerland and aviadispatching company Skyguide have taken part.