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Crew MKS all - taki left in a free space

Crewmen of the International space station (MKS) Gennady Padalka and Michael Fink at last - that left in a free space. Cosmonauts should overcome almost 25 - a metre way to the American segment of station where they will try to repair girodin, providing orientation MKS in an orbit. On an external surface of station G.Padalka and M.Fink will work about six hours.
we will remind, girodin - the American power gyroscope providing orientation MKS.
As informs RKK Energy responsible for flight from the Russian side, in the program of flight of crew 9 - j long expedition on MKS it has been planned two regular extravehicular activity: in the end of July and in the end of August. However from - for refusal of the block of remote control by power supplies girodina 2 which has occurred on April, 21st this year, replacement of the refused block needed an additional exit of crew in a free space which has been planned for June, 25th. Now orientation MKS is supported by two efficient girodinami from four, established on station, and the Russian jet micromotors. Girodin 1 has refused still on June, 6th, 2002, and delivery new girodina - from - for its sizes - is possible only by means of a shuttle. Working capacity restoration girodina 2 is necessary for increase of level of reservation in management of orientation MKS.
In the night from 24 for June, 25th crewmen have interrupted extravehicular activity in 14 minutes after its beginning from - for malfunctions in a survival suit of the American astronaut which catastrophically lost pressure in an air cylinder. The survival suit was Russian, marks the Sea eagle - M . Crewmen MKS have safely returned aboard stations. Then too it was planned that cosmonauts will work in a free space about 6 hours.
earlier during trainings in the American survival suits malfunction has been found out. The American survival suits which are onboard MKS, have appeared unsuitable for extravehicular activity, and the decision to use the Russian suits was accepted. Problems have been connected with cooling system.
we will remind, the beginning 9 - j expeditions has been planned for April, 19th, the expedition termination is planned for October, 19th, 2004, its duration - 183 days.