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The church wants to return the property

Some orthodox religious communities of Moscow have submitted claims to capital courts, achieving return of the property right to the temples which have been taken away from them after revolution in Russia in 1917, informs Bi - bi - si. Experts fairly are afraid of judicial precedent which can lead to a wave of claims about restoration of historical justice.
we will remind, the restitution problem is ignored by the Russian authorities. The Baltic States, for example, and also the countries of the former socialist camp after overthrow at themselves communistic modes have tried to solve, at least, a problem of return of the property to the former owners. Russia has not made such step. To it there are some explanations. In - the first, after revolution in Russia has passed more than 70 years, it was in this time replaced three generations whereas in other states - 50 years there are less. In - the second, as a result of reprisals in Russia small enough quantity of the papers proving the rights to the property has remained - all population actively destroyed the proofs, able to connect them with the past and to threaten their life. In - the third, for the former Soviet republics and the countries of the Warsaw contract the communism was the phenomenon spread from the outside, causing the internal protest (it is enough to remember Baltic guerrilla movements, Wood brothers existed in each of three Baltic republics), whereas for Russia - something mature. And last, can be the most powerful, the reason - too many it is necessary to return.
if to return to affairs about return of the church property, courts will soon decide destiny more than 20 Moscow objects. The arbitration court of Moscow has already begun consideration of the first business - about return of the Moscow temple of Prophet Ilya on Vorontsovom a field.
according to the lawyer of M. Voronina, acting on this process on behalf of church communities, the current legislation allows to return temples as their nationalisation has been made on the unique basis - on the basis of the Decree about branch of church from the state, published by V.Lenin right after to revolution. Voronin considers that the modern constitution of Russia guaranteeing the property right, allows to return property to at whom it have selected after 1917 - go.
However, returning of the church property can become the beginning of the whole series of processes about a restitution - return of set of objects to pre-revolutionary proprietors. Analysts are afraid that it can lead to one more repartition of the property.