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NASA will renew flights of shuttles in 2 weeks

Already on July, 13th the American space agency NASA plans to renew flights “ shuttles “ interrupted after failure “ Colombia “ two and a half a year back.
the Corresponding statement has been made after manager NASA Michael Griffin has spent two-day survey Discovery which becomes a new leader of the American astronautics. As he said, all data testifies that the spaceship is ready to performance of responsible mission.
earlier this week there were messages that designers NASA ostensibly have not corrected 3 of 15 errors which posed serious threat for life of the people who are onboard the spaceship. It is necessary to remind that failure of shuttle Columbia has occurred from - for come off the piece of the covering which have punched thermoisolation on the left wing of the flying machine.
however now M. Griffin and its colleagues assert that they managed to lower risk to “ comprehensible level “.
it is necessary to notice that NASA expected to renew flights of shuttles in May of this year, however experts of agency have found new problems in a design of the ship and were engaged in their elimination.
It is planned that on July, 13th Discovery delivers to the International space station at once seven astronauts. In case of breakage of this ship, NASA has already prepared shuttle Atlantis which as a last resort will take away people back to the Earth.
last two years after  destruction Columbia all flights on MKS were carried out on the Russian flying machines starting from the cosmodrome Baikonur.