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The Jew has attacked with a knife participants the gay - parade

parade of representatives of sexual minorities in Jerusalem has come to the end with Serious troubles. Participants of procession were attacked by orthodoxly adjusted citizens who had at itself a cold steel.
opponents of scandalous parade have tried to break procession from the very beginning. Young men constantly cried out insults to the opponents and tried to intimidate them. When some thousand the persons who have dared nevertheless to pass on streets of Jerusalem, have come nearer to city centre a certain citizen has jumped up to participants of a march and has struck one of them a knife.
while the attacking has not been seized, he has had time to slash one more person with a knife, informs army radio of Israel. Both victims have been sent in hospital. It is known that one of them is in a grave condition. It is known that it has come on parade together with two daughters of teenage age.
It is informed that some more person was possible to arrest polices, trying to break procession.
it is necessary to notice that in Jerusalem positions of the orthodox Jews considering similar parades by the immoral phenomenon and in every possible way protesting even against the idea of procession are very strong.