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From the beginning of year in the Russian army 347 military men

From the beginning of 2005 in the Russian army as a result of crimes were lost, incidents and accidents 347 military men were lost. Such data was resulted today by the chief of Service of personnel and educational work of the Minister of Defence of Russia general Nikolay Pankov.
acting at the expanded meeting of Armed forces concerning a condition of military discipline and the law and order in army and on fleet, he has informed that a principal cause of destruction of military men is suicide.
so, according to the data resulted by the general, from the beginning of year 101 case of suicides is fixed. Besides, from January till May eight military men have been killed as a result dedovshchiny . 88 More person were lost from - for infringements of traffic regulations and operation of vehicles. 39 military men were lost because of criminal acts of civilians. 83 military men were lost as a result of accidents. The death of 14 military men has occurred on the imprudence, one person was lost as a result of infringement of rules of weapon handling, the others were lost for other reasons.
all from the beginning of year in Armed forces of Russia has occurred more than 6 thousand crimes and incidents. 1 thousand 457 crimes it is made in May 2005., in April - 1 thousand 796 crimes. Besides, 10 military men were lost in the Chechen Republic in May on duty. According to official figures Ministers of Defence, from January till March in the Chechen Republic were lost 28 military men of the armed forces, missing are not present.
At the same time Nikolay Pankov has noticed that quantity of crimes and offences in army and on fleet for 6 months of this year snizalos twice in comparison with the similar period of year past. At the same time he has specified that management MO did not manage to stabilise completely a situation.
There were cases of plunder of property, corruption and waste. Thus we notice that the majority of crimes are made by groups of persons on preliminary arrangement - N.Pankov has told.
according to the chief of service, most the difficult situation with a crime rate in army is marked in Siberian, Severo - Caucasian, Leningrad, Privolzhsko - Uralsk districts, and also on Pacific and Black Sea fleet.
the general also has informed that the management of the Minister of Defence marks growth of number of crimes under such articles, as autocratic ostavlenie parts which has recently group character. Quite often reason which has induced to it of military men, not authorised mutual relations are. Besides, growth rukoprikladstva commanders in relation to subordinates is marked. The difficult situation is fixed from year to year in Severo - Caucasian, Far East and Privolzhsko - Uralsk military districts.
Among the crimes made by officers, evasion from military service, plunder and abusing powers of office most often are registered.
according to N.Pankova, the ministry management should disturb that fact that growth of the crimes made by military men - contract employees recently is marked. In this connection he has noted necessity of detailed revision of system of selection of candidates for service under contracts, and also change of system of training of officers and sergeants for work with the given category of military men.
representatives of the Main military Office of Public Prosecutor, representatives of culture and art and human rights organisations take part in work of the expanded meeting. Earlier before the gathered the Minister of Defence of the country Sergey Ivanov acted. He has informed that the decision on carrying out of the given illumination was not casual. It is caused by extreme importance and a sharpness of the problem which has been taken out for today`s discussion.
in particular, the minister has noticed that behind a condition of military discipline and the law and order in armies, certainly, commanders and chiefs of all degrees answer, first of all, a management of the Minister of Defence. we do not remove from ourselves responsibility for preventive maintenance of offences, education of military men - S.Ivanov has told.
thus the Minister of Defence has underlined that the educational direction of work is not the only thing. along with it there is a combat training, equipment of armies and weight of other problems which performance finally will allow to speak about conformity of army to the mission - S.Ivanov has added.
he has underlined that sometimes There is an impression that those who argue on a state of affairs in army and about a crime rate in armies much, either forget, or do not want to understand that army not ispravitelno - labour establishment .
There is such sensation that to us highly moral and legislative citizens whom, only having crossed a threshold of military units come to serve entirely, turn to barracks hooligans, fans of alcohol and drugs - the minister has added.
speaking about criminality among officers, S.Ivanov has noticed that officers become such of - for everything, but only not because the officer case the caste not isolated entirely, and a part of our society, in which, unfortunately, it is a lot of those who does not consider shameful money-making and aspiration to enrichment by any way .
According to the minister, the problem of strengthening of military discipline cannot be solved only at the expense of the measures undertaken by efforts of military department. the decision of this problem is in direct dependence on that, the service in army how much teenagers are prepared for service is how much prestigious and legality and law and order problems in a society as a whole " are how much successfully solved; - the head of defensive department of Russia has summed up.