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L.Nevzlin has sold the Moscow news

Menatep Group has sold the edition the Moscow news . NTV broadcasting company informs On it referring to words of basic shareholder Menatep Group of Leonid Nevzlina.
He has noticed that transaction registration on sale is finished, however to specify, who exactly became the new owner of the newspaper, the businessman did not become. Under the informal data, the edition was bought by one of the international media structures.
to sell L.Nevzlin`s edition has solved in reply to the personnel shifts spent by the editor-in-chief MN Evgenie Kiselyov without the coordination with shareholders.
we will remind that the conflict in MN has begun in March, when the editor-in-chief of the edition and the general director of the publishing house MN E.Kiselyov have dismissed some key employees of the newspaper, including the assistant to editor-in-chief Michael Shevelev and the executive editor Lyudmila Telen.
In the answer the dismissed journalists have demanded E.Kiselyov`s resignations, and members of the supervisory board MN have recommended to restore the expelled employees and to appoint L.Telen the editor-in-chief instead of Evgenie Kiselyov, having left the last a post of the general director of the publishing house.
making comments developed in the Moscow news a situation, L.Nevzlin has exclaimed surprise by that fact that E.Kiselyov makes personnel decisions, without informing shareholders and the supervisory board except which nobody is authorised to represent interests of owners in the newspaper.
I apologise the supervisory board for Evgenie Kiselyov`s incorrect actions - the owner " has declared; MN . In this situation to me remains, except how to get rid nothing from the newspaper, - has added L.Nevzlin. - I will sell to its volume who will agree to buy and will continue to protect a freedom of speech. I will sell though for one dollar - not important .
it is necessary to notice that according to L.Nevzlina, it did not have any thoughts on the one who could become the buyer.