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Ben Laden will address to the Iraq insurgents

Head of the international terrorist network “ Al - Kajeda “ Osama bin Laden plans to place the new reference on the Internet - in it it will be a question of a situation in Iraq and Somalia.
the next message “ terrorist N1 in the world “ the web - sites where before statements of this terrorist grouping already took place is now announced on one of Islamic.
the last on time Osama bin Laden`s reference has appeared on the Internet on June, 30th of this year It has been devoted  destruction of the leader of the Iraq wing “ Al - Kajedy “ Abu Musaba az - Zarkavi. In 19 - the minute message photo U of bin Laden and shots with image A az - Zarkavi contains. “ Our Islamic nation has been amazed by that its soldier, a lion of jihad, resolute and strong-willed person Abu Musab az - Zarkavi has been killed as a result of a shameful American touch “ - U.Ben has declared Is fine.
Most likely, in the new message the leader of the international terrorists will express support to the Iraq insurgents and the Somali Islamites, marks (Associated Press. The last have grasped recently the Somali capital Mogadishu and now supervise all south of the country.
Islamites became the first grouping for last 15 years who managed to establish control over all areas of the Somali capital. Now direct threat has hung over the government of this African country which have moved to the city of Bajdoa that in 250 kilometres from Mogadishu.
under last information, field commanders who supported the USA, had time to run away from capital. Some have disappeared in the next Ethiopia, expecting to collect there new groups for counterattack.
we will notice that officially George Bush`s administration did not sponsor any of groupings. However the American president said time and again that supports any parties, which “ Battle to terrorists “. Thus the American special services have the information that the Somali Islamites cover at themselves insurgents “ Al - Kajedy “ embassies of the USA suspected of explosions in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.
civil war in Somalia proceeds since 1991. In 1993 Americans have tried to interfere with the conflict and have directed to Africa marines. Operation has come to the end with a total failure. In fights with groups of field commander Ajdida Americans have lost 18 persons and some helicopters.
latest developments in Somalia have reminded many American experts a situation in Afghanistan where Kabul long time remained apple of discord for local groupings, the Taliban has not been grasped yet by groups of movement.