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In district clinics 17 % of Russians

Never never addressed addressed for medical aid in the district clinics (ambulance stations, first-aid posts) 17 % of Russians. The data of poll spent by fund " is that; Public opinion in June 2006. 32 More % interrogated have declared that last time were in polyclinics more than a year ago. 13 % of respondents have told that were in the state medical institutions about half a year back, 9 % have answered that one of these days.
from those who addresses for out-patient medical aid, 33 % are happy with quality of service only. neudovletvoreny the given medical services of 43 % of respondents, of 7 % were at a loss with the answer.
answering a question what exactly in work of district clinic it is not pleasant, respondents complained of low qualification of the medical personnel, a lack of good experts and poor quality of medical aid in whole (15 % from all interrogated) more often. Many mentioned the indifferent relation of medical workers to patients and the bad organisation of work of medical institutions. 5 more % of the interrogated have noted dearness of medical services and medicines.
thus visitors of district clinics it was not possible to the majority (54 %) officially yet, under the receipt, to pay for medical services in these establishments. 28 % resorted to paid services of polyclinics interrogated. More often they paid ultrasonic, an electrocardiogram, photoroentgenography and other researches (8 %), and also treatment at the stomatologist (6 %), analyses (6 %), physical examination for reception of this or that inquiry (5 %), consultations of some experts (4 %).
Thus official paid services of polyclinics respondents at the age from 55 years and inhabitants of villages (19 - 20 % in the given categories) while to aged people 18 - and to inhabitants of megacities (44 %) the treatment was necessary to pay 35 years (33 %) more often most less often used.
15 % resorted To informal monetary encouragements of workers of district clinics interrogated. It is interesting that such practice is extended slightly more often among people with higher education and inhabitants of megacities - 22 % and 21 % accordingly.
any positive changes in work of the district clinic for the last half a year have noticed 9 % of the interrogated. Describing the supervision, these respondents spoke about improvement of quality of health services and the relation to the patients, the spent repair, polyclinic equipment by the new medical equipment, etc.
Negative changes have noted 7 % of respondents: it was a question of increase in a share of paid medical services, about turns, about poor quality of health service. Almost half interrogated (49 %) for the last half a year have not seen any changes in work of their polyclinic.
population poll was spent in 100 settlements 44 of areas, edges and republics Russian Federations. The statistical error does not exceed 3,6 %.