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The United Nations urge to think up how to stop capture of hostages

Council of the United Nations about human rights have urged the world community to develop measures on the basis of the international humanitarian right and standards in the field of human rights for the termination of capture of hostages. About it it is told in the statement of the capture of hostages accepted on June, 30th at final session 1 - j to session of Council of the United Nations under human rights.
as gives department of the information of the press the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, as an occasion to occurrence of the given document has served “ a recent scandalous thing of capture in hostages, and then and cool murder of the four Russian employees working in embassy of the Russian Federation in Bagdad “.
In the document it is underlined that “ all certificates of capture of hostages where and by whoever they were carried out, represent the serious crime directed on destruction of human rights, and that they cannot be justified under no circumstances “.
the Russian foreign policy department specifies that, having accepted the given statement, council “ has given an accurate signal about inadmissibility of acts of terrorism, including capture and murder of hostages as the roughest infringements of human rights, and also has confirmed intention and henceforth to pay in the work priority attention to the given problematics “.
we Will remind that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on June, 26th 2006ã. Has confirmed  destruction of employees of the Russian embassy grasped by insurgents in Iraq. Terrorists have killed the third secretary Feodor Zajtseva (1978ã. The river), driver Anatoly Smirnova (1973ã. The river), cooks Rinata Agliulina (1978ã. The river) and Oleg Fedoseyev (1964ã. The river) Which repeatedly carried out functions of the security guard of the Russian representations abroad. One more Russian - Vitaly Titov - was lost during capture of hostages.
on June, 3rd 2006ã. In Bagdad the armed people on cars have blocked road on which the Russian diplomats then have opened fire went in the car. One employee of embassy of the Russian Federation in Iraq has been killed, four are stolen. Grouping “ SHura the Iraq Mojaheds “ - the organisation uniting some of terrorist groupings, including the Iraq wing “ Al - Kajedy “ - has incurred responsibility for abduction. On June, 19th 2006ã. Insurgents of grouping have demanded from the government of Russia within 48 hours to disengage armies from the Chechen Republic. Besides, thieves have demanded “ to release from the Russian prisons of all brothers and sisters “.
Except abduction of Russians, on June, 21st in Iraq there was an abduction more than hundred employees of Iraq Ministry of Health. As have informed sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Iraq, some tens insurgents have attacked a column of the workers who were coming back in buses on houses. Five buses have been attacked.
also the destiny of one more hostage till now is unknown, from - for which and without that intense relations between Israel and Palestin have outgrown in the present crisis. Insurgents have grasped and keep the Israeli corporal Gilada Shalita. Diplomatic efforts on clearing of the grasped are actively undertaken by politicians of both countries, but yet have not brought results. In this connection some days the massed military operation of Israel in Gaza Strip on purpose is spent to put pressure upon insurgents.