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Russians do not want to study history

Half of Russians consider algebra and mathematics (50 %) and Russian (47 %) as the most useful subjects of the school program. Such data has been received during poll by the All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).
slightly less often Russians specify in a foreign language (25 %), history (24 %), physics (17 %), the literature (16 %), computer science (13 %). Even less often they consider useful chemistry (9 %), geography (7 %), physical culture (4 %), biology (3 %), OBZH (2 %).
Russians consider as the least important teaching of social science, work, economy, ethics and cultural science (on 1 %). In turn 12 % consider, it is necessary what to study all subjects, 1 more % are assured that all depends on individual interests.
according to VTSIOM, 7 % of Russians are assured that useless school subjects are not present. However 6 % carry to such chemistry, on 4 % - drawing and physics. 3 % consider unnecessary studying at school of foreign languages, on 2 % specify in biology, geometry, plotting, physical culture. Most less often Russians name useless such subjects, as mathematics, astronomy, geography, history, the literature, OBZH, social science, religious subjects, work (on 1 %). However, more than two thirds of respondents were at a loss with the answer to this question (69 %).
Initiative All-Russia poll VTSIOM is spent 22 - on August, 23rd 2009. 1,6 thousand persons in 140 settlements in 42 areas, edges and republics of Russia are interrogated. The statistical error does not exceed 3,4 %.