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V.Putin: It is impossible to admit Second World War repetitions

It is necessary to analyze the reasons of the beginning of the Second World War that the tragedy has never repeated in the future. Such opinion was stated by the chairman of the government Vladimir Putin during visit to Poland.
yes, there are history problems which we should understand attentively, attentively analyze all that finally has led to the beginning of this tragedy on September, 1st 1939., only for that has never repeated this tragedy in the future. That, knowing all nuances of history, knowing the objective party and without imposing each other the points of view, to rise over problems of the past and together to go forward. And objective circumstances demand such responsible joint policy - V.Putin has noted.
Today special day - day of the beginning of one of the largest tragedies in the history of mankind - day of the beginning of the Second World War in which course Russian and Poles together struggled against the general enemy - nazism - V.Putin has told. He has noticed that in Russia always perceived Poles as brothers on the weapon in this general struggle.
the Polish historians can get access to the Russian archives only on a mutual basis, V.Putin has told, answering a question of the Polish mass-media on possibility of access of the Polish experts to the archives which are clearing up events in Katyni during the Second World War. We will remind, it is a question of mass executions of the Polish officers under village Katyn of the Smolensk region. The most part of the documents, concerning these events, is not declassified till now.
all becomes on the basis of reciprocity: if our experts have access to the Polish archives also the Polish experts will get access to Russian - has noted Century Putin, having added that on a bilateral basis all is possible .
According to V.Putin, Poland shows the good policy in economic sphere. and it in the conditions of global crisis. But it does not mean at all that we do not need to resist together to these threats, and them actually much more, than threats today`s world financially - an economic crisis - the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation has told and has continued: to leave these today`s problems, not to create a problem in the future, we, of course, need to work together .
V.Putin has noticed that in the last two days has been much made in sphere trading - economic relations: Russia and Poland have reached a record boundary of a trade turnover - Russia became the second trading - the economic partner of Poland after Germany. But we understand that it is not enough of it, and we, of course, use a today`s meeting to talk about prospects of development of ours trading - economic relations - he has told. V.Putin has explained that it concerns not only power, but also transport, high technologies, innovations. both with Russian, and from the Polish party all will be made to build relations between our countries on the basis of a pragmatism and mutual respect - the Russian prime minister - the minister has concluded.
in turn the head of the government of Poland Donald Tusk has noted: In our forces that the trust between Poles and Russians was more . As he said, polsko - the Russian relations it is now better, than when - or.