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Russians consider that the USSR could win one World War II

About 63 % of Russians are assured that the USSR could win the Second World War without the aid of allies. Such data is resulted in research of the All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM). Thus the number of such respondents was reduced in comparison with 2001. From 71 %.
the Opposite point of view according to which the victory in war would be impossible without the aid of other countries, 23 % interrogated adhere. The share of those who does not know the answer to this question - about 7 % to 15 % during the last years has twice grown.
87 % interrogated consider that the USSR has brought the basic contribution to a victory to the Second World War. The role of Great Britain and France, as a rule, is represented to respondents insignificant (36 % and 34 % accordingly) or enough considerable (26 % and 22 % accordingly). Concerning the USA Russians are equally inclined to state both the first, and the second point of view (on 30 %). China, according to 47 % of Russians, has not brought any contribution to a victory to the Second World War.
analysts have noticed that for the last seven years the opinion of Russians on a role of those or other countries in a victory in the Second World War has a little changed. So, from 92 % the share of the respondents specifying in the basic contribution of the USSR has decreased to 87 %.
became also those who considers insignificant a role of Great Britain (from 42 % to 36 %), China (from 27 % to 18 %), the USA (from 39 % to 30 %), France (from 39 % to 34 %) less. Simultaneously became those who considers a merit of the USA very much or enough considerable (from 10 % to 14 %) more.
Initiative All-Russia poll VTSIOM is spent 22 - on August, 23rd 2009. 1 thousand 600 persons in 140 settlements in 42 areas, edges and republics of Russia are interrogated. The statistical error does not exceed 3,4 %.