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Debtors of MGTS have ceased to start up abroad

the Moscow city telephone system (MGTS) has started to limit trip abroad of malicious defaulters, the newspaper " informs; Kommersant . The Federal Agency of court enforcement officers (FSSP) has taken out on August, 2nd the first decision about closing of borders for the subscriber of MGTS with debts of 93 thousand rbl.
As the director for legal maintenance of MGTS Ivan Nikitin has explained, at formation of debts at the subscriber the company at first notifies him on a suspension of rendering of services. If within six months after reception of such notice the subscriber does not liquidate a debt, MGTS has the right to terminate the contract with it unilaterally.
if the subscriber and after that does not extinguish debts, the operator addresses in court. After acceptance by court of the decision the Federal Agency of court enforcement officers raises executive manufacture then the debtor has even five days on voluntary payment of a debt. Otherwise FSSP can take out the decision about restriction of its trip abroad.
possibility to limit departure of debtors abroad has appeared in the legislation in the beginning 2008., but till now practically it was not applied concerning debts for telephone conversations.
it is necessary to notice that last years to debtors various measures of influence are taken. For example, in July the Federal Agency of court enforcement officers (FSSP) considered possibility to deprive drivers of the rights for debts. However, while the given decision has not been confirmed.