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Tatyana Dogileva has been hospitalised in Moscow

Known Russian actress Tatyana Dogileva is delivered in one of the Moscow clinics on Tuesday evening, the newspaper " writes; Work . Sharp belly-aches became the reason of emergency hospitalisation of a star. And first physicians have made T.Dogilevoj the incorrect diagnosis.
the actress has ailed on Tuesday, on August, 31st. After that it has caused first aid . The arrived doctors have assumed that T.Dogilevoj had an appendicitis attack, and delivered it in clinic. However the investigation carried in hospital has not confirmed the given diagnosis.
physicians consider that the sharp pancreatitis - disease at which the pancreas inflammation is observed became the reason of belly-aches. Now T.Dogileva remains in hospital, it should pass a number of inspections.
we Will remind that other known person - the national actor of the USSR Eldar Ryazanov yesterday has been hospitalised. The well-known film director has been delivered in capital hospital, to it have diagnosed a deforming osteochondrosis of a backbone . Illness has led to complications with sight and hearing.