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Zamglavy the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Militias are necessary employees with fresh thinking

to the Russian militia the new wave of shots is necessary. The first deputy of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Michael Suhodolsky adheres to such opinion.
In the performance at the capital University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs dated for the beginning of academic year, M.Suhodolsky has declared that now in militia work, basically, those who has come to the office in the end of the Soviet period and think that it is better to work in the old manner .
In its opinion, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is required a new wave employees with fresh thinking . As now technics and the technologies used by militia, actively develop, and someone does not want to be engaged in it .
Also M.Suhodolsky has underlined necessity more rationally to distribute graduates. As an example it has resulted a case, when the graduate 2010. Which in perfection knows the Chinese language, has been directed on service to private security. In opinion zamglavy the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with such unique knowledge the young man should work in criminal investigation department in one of regions of Russia where live carriers of the Chinese language.
M.Suhodolsky has compared employment of graduates to goods sale: you have grown up it, and it is necessary, that from it there was a big advantage .