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The Russian drivers are waited by rise in price OSAGO

Autoinsurance in Russia can rise in price considerably shortly. As informs the Russian newspaper it is connected with coming into force of new rules of an estimation of deterioration of autospare parts.
according to the left decision, there are details and knots on which deterioration is not considered. So, for example, it is not charged on glasses, on pillows and seat belts. That is at calculation of payments insurers are obliged to include the price of new details in compensation. Also details which directly influence safety of the car do not get to the list. Most likely, brake hoses and other parts concerning brake system will get to this list, probably, details the helmsman.
to it it is necessary to add and the bill prepared by the Ministry of Finance of increase in the insurance sum on life and health from 160 thousand rbl. to 500 thousand And introduction of the fixed payments on various traumas (indemnification for crisis of a finger or a brain concussion will be accurately registered).
Besides it, in the new project it is offered to increase the insurance sum on property from 120 thousand rbl. to 200 thousand
All it will lead to increase in insurance payments that will make unprofitable for autoinsurers work with OSAGO which becomes for them unprofitable. Thereupon the companies consider that tariffs should be increased on 35 - 45 %.
According to the experts, real increase will make 20 - 25 %.