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The Ministry of Emergency Measures: Under building blockages on the Ligovsky prospectus there are people

Under building blockages on the Ligovsky prospectus in St.-Petersburg no people it has not appeared. About it Irina Andrianov has given the head of department of the information of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. Earlier it was supposed that under the fallen overlappings 8 - a floor structure there could be people.
as specifies the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, the house to the address: the Ligovsky prospectus, 147, has been settled several months ago. Scale reconstruction of a building was expected. On the house ground floor there were offices, shop, studio and a beauty salon.
the call about a collapse of overlappings of a building has arrived on the panel of the person on duty of the Ministry of Emergency Measures at 15:53 Moscow time. It is specified that overlappings with 1 - go on 8 - j house floors have failed. By a lucky chance, has done without victims.
thus official representative KP Vladimir Markin has informed that at a collapse of overlappings one of saleswomen of the shop located on the ground floor has suffered.
The day before as a result of failure on electrosubstation Lenin in Kazan there was a partial collapse of walls. As a result of incident 232 apartment houses in which live 80 thousand persons, and also hospital and 3 kindergartens have been disconnected. And victims at failure on substation are not present victims.