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A.Lukashenko: Russia has arranged an attack on own embassy

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko considers the interesting version participation of Russia in an attack on own embassy in Minsk. As he said, Russia, probably, this incident which would allow to undermine reputation of the Belarus president was favourable.
those who has thrown on territory of the Russian embassy of a bottle with an incendiary mix, A.Lukashenko named geeks and villains also has declared that the consequence will fulfil the version about Russian trace .
The day before in business about an attack on embassy of Russia in Minsk there were first suspects, however the Belarus militia did not begin to open their names. In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk have informed that search of criminals is already conducted. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus named incident by the hooligan trick directed against Belarus - the Russian relations.
we Will remind, unknown persons have thrown two bottles with an incendiary mix on territory of the Russian diplomatic mission in Minsk nearby 22:50 Moscow time on August, 30th. One of cocktails of Molotova has got to the office car of Mazda. As a result of incident the car has lighted up.
in the meantime information war between Belarus and Russia proceeds. Relations between the countries have become complicated after A.Lukashenko has not constrained the promise about a recognition the Belarus party of independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. On NTV television channel three series of a film " have been shown; the God father in which A.Lukashenko it is presented by the cruel dictator. The Belarus president admitted that did not watch a film, however has declared that thus to quarrel Byelorussians and Russians it will be possible to nobody .