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Emergency building on the Ligovsky prospectus in Petersburg can take down

In Petersburg the further destiny of an emergency building on the Ligovsky prospectus in which there was a collapse of overlappings from the first on the eighth floors dares.
It is supposed to strengthen a building wall, on which after state of emergency cracks have gone to continue survey in the emergency house. However experts also consider possibility completely to take down the house.
we will remind, in Petersburg in the house to the address the Ligovsky prospectus, 147, there was a collapse of designs, the woman who was on the ground floor of the house has suffered. It has been taken to hospital with hand crisis. In connection with a house collapse on the Ligovsky prospectus action under article " is brought; Infringement of safety rules at carrying out of civil work (item 216, p.1 the criminal code of Russian Federation).
According to preliminary data experts, after removal loading on walls has considerably increased in a building of the built in safes, as has led to a collapse. At the moment of state of emergency in the house was four persons, all of them managed to leave a building. Criminal case investigation proceeds, the estimation of the caused damage also is spent. Walls of a building for prevention of repeated incidents have obliged to strengthen the contractor.