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Work of rescuers on a place of a collapse of the house in Petersburg is finished

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have finished poiskovo - salvage operations on a place of a collapse of a building on the Ligovsky prospectus in St.-Petersburg. It has been established that at the moment of a collapse on the house ground floor there were four girls working in shop located in a building.
they managed to leave independently a building. Later one of girls has addressed to physicians for medical aid. According to poll of witnesses, it is more than anybody from people in the fallen building was not. Earlier it was informed that before a collapse of overlappings of the house from it three security guards of a building had time to run out. Under other data, three workers - repairmen have escaped.
in the near future experts should solve a question on the further destiny of the house. According to preliminary data, it is planned to strengthen building walls as without it its further survey and analysis of the fallen designs is impossible. The variant of a pulling down of the emergency house is not excluded also.
Earlier a press - the service of committee on building of the government of St.-Petersburg has come out with the assumption of the reasons of a collapse of overlappings 8 - a floor building on the Ligovsky prospectus. According to experts, the house has fallen as a result of dismantle of the heavy metal safes which have been built in walls.
after storehouses have been removed, loading has considerably increased by shabby walls, and overlappings have failed. On Ligovke walls of the house for prevention of repeated incidents have obliged to strengthen the contractor of reconstruction of a building. Upon incident criminal case on p.1 item 216 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation - " is brought; Infringement of safety rules at carrying out of civil work .