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M.Gibson`s Russian girlfriend has seized at the actor of 750 thousand dollars

Court Los - Andzhelesa has sentenced the Hollywood actor Mela Gibson to pay to the former girlfriend Oksana Grigorevoj of 750 thousand dollars, transfers Associated Press. Also the court has obliged M.Gibson to foot the bill under the maintenance of their daughter which has given birth to O.Grigoriev in 2009.
According to the judicial agreement, Ljusija, the daughter O.Grigorevoj from M.Gibson, will get the financial support equivalent to those that other children of a film actor (at it their seven receive). M.Gibson will pay also all expenses for the maintenance of the house which he has bought earlier for O.Grigorevoj and its child. The private residence will be sold, as soon as M.Gibson`s daughters 18 years will be executed.
besides it, the court has forbidden both parties any public mentions of their relations.
M.Gibson has left the Russian girlfriend O.Grigorevoj in the spring 2010. In the summer of the same year she has addressed in court, having accused him that during one of quarrels the actor has struck it on the person.
after long judicial suit a star of Hollywood has agreed to go on the world. After an official recognition it of the fault the court has sentenced it to three years of imprisonment conditionally for house violence, to the penalty and 16 hours of public works.