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The witness has identified murderer J.Budanov

Magomeda Sulejmanova suspected of murder of Yury Budanov, the coded witness of a consequence whom name Aslan has identified.
as confirms a consequence, in the afternoon on June, 10th it was nearby to d. 38 on the Komsomol prospectus near which there was a murder, and saw, how the high thin person sat down in the car of Mitsubishi Lancer used by criminals. Having looked at Magomeda Sulejmanova and two supernumeraries through mirror glass, Aslan has confidently declared that on June, 10th saw the Chechen.
within the next few days indications of the coded witness will receive acknowledgement or will be denied by already appointed dactyloscopic and genetic examinations. In Mitsubishi salon there was a set of proofs: fingerprints and the samples of the biomaterial left criminals on used napkins and gloves, and also store checks and magazines; Some hair and gas pistol with the muffler, altered under shooting by fighting cartridges.
fingerprints of criminals have already compared with daktokartoj arrested person Sulejmanova - conformity was not. However examination is not finished yet, field investigators assure. The matter is that from two tens fingers in salon suitable to identification experts recognised only half. Now experts should fulfil the greased traces, having compared them to prints accused on separate elements papilljarnogo a pattern. If here the result appears zero, the consequence will request carrying out of gene examination - for this purpose samples of hair, nails are already taken from M.Sulejmanova and blood.
M.Sulejmanov categorically denies the participation in murder of colonel Budanov. Having remembered the schedule of the day, the Chechen has explained that on June, 10th constantly was at home and only few times for a short while left in shop behind products. He has suggested a consequence to see records of the videocameras established near its entrance, however it has appeared that they are stored in stores of all days.
in native Argune M.Sulejmanov who some times has made hadzh to Mecca, is more known as the religious figure and scientist Jusup - hadzhi. However in Moscow the authority of mister Sulejmanova, according to its friends, extended far for religion frameworks. According to relatives, in capital M.Sulejmanov has received popularity thanks to the special talent to solve problems at any level.
meanwhile the consequence considers that three persons have been involved in Yury Budanov`s murder - to the authoritative Chechen was assigned a part the driver and the marksman. The helper of the killer and the customer of a crime are not established yet.