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“ the Mummy “ the Militiamen who have detained at a cinema of illegal operators

the Premiere of the film " have rescued from pirates

; the Mummy - 3: the Tomb of the emperor of dragons “ has passed rather unsuccessfully for video pirates. Employees capital UBEP have detained past Sunday at a cinema of two fans of illegal copying. According to the militiamen, not taken place operators are threatened with criminal prosecution.

“ we had the information that in the first some days of display of a film “ the Mummy - 3 “ there will be attempts to make its screen copies “ - the chief has told daily a press - groups UBEP Phillip Zolotnitsky. To visit displays “ Mummies “ employees UBEP have solved at known network cinemas. In particular, “ were pierced “ pirates in mnogozalnom a cinema on severo - the West of Moscow in dormitory area. Militiamen do not disclose its name, as “ catching of pirates “ In it as, however, and at other cinemas, will proceed. “ all pirates in the future risk to find out in the neighbour in an armchair of the police officer “ - has noticed g - n Zolotnitsky.

pirates have been detained in the first some minutes of display of a film. They managed to remove only a caption and the first some scenes, but it will be enough for the proof ­ of their fault. Both arrested persons already began to give evidences. “ film illegal immigrants “ there were two young men: one of them, having sat down on last number, copied a film, and the second, having arranged more close to an input, provided safety. Shooting was conducted by means of the equipment disguised under a small small suitcase. The sound was copied separately, by means of a digital dictophone.

“ antipiracy “ operation is spent ­ by militiamen not for the first time. Earlier “ sorties “ on cinemas field investigators have made during tape display “ it is especially dangerous “. Then two " also have been detained; operators - illegal immigrants “. “ Now the question on excitation of criminal cases concerning all pirates caught red-handed is solved, - has told g - n Zolotnitsky. - also the militia finds out from them who was engaged in duplicating of piracy production “. By the way, operation on struggle against piracy production proceeds and on “ lotkovom “ a direction. Only for last week, according to UBEP Moscow, it has been checked up over 30 shops where it is withdrawn more than 60 counterfeit disks with screen versions of last novelties of film service. Are detained both sellers, and a management of shops to which accusation under article 146 " will be soon brought; Infringement of the author`s and adjacent rights “. The most strict punishment which threatens them, - imprisonment for the term up to two years.

the general director of a film network “ Sinema Park “ The message on capture of pirates does not surprise Sergey Kitina. As he said, piracy actions are very often stopped thanks to employees of cinemas who are specially instructed­. And spectators quite often show vigilance. “ we bear big enough expenses connected with necessity to provide corresponding protection and check entering into cinema­, but thus, certainly, risks remain also possibility that someone will pull out the chamber during a session, exists “ - he marks.