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In the Internet through a tube

In 2008 mobile access to the Network becomes more popular dial - up

In 2008 the mobile Internet becomes the second for popularity after SHPD technology of access to the network of active subscribers, consider in MForum Analytics. Thus the number of the subscribers preferring access to the Internet through cellular networks, will exceed 2,5 million Cellular operators also consider the mobile Internet as a perspective segment, however the main return from it will take place not earlier than high-grade start 3G.

Under forecasts MForum Ana ­ lytics, the number of active Internet users in Russia in 2008 will grow on 12-17 %, to 24,6-25,7 million persons. As active subscribers of analytics consider those subscribers who leave in the Internet more than two times week and average which time of using makes over 30 minutes in day. Active users bring the notable contribution in Russian the Internet - audience. According to analysts eMarketer, in 2008 all Russian the Internet - the audience will grow on 15 %, to 40 million

Under forecasts of analyst MForum Analytics of Dmitry Deyev, in 2008 on the second place on popularity active subscribers have a mobile access to the Network. The mobile Internet will grow the fastest rates - the number of subscribers for a year will increase by 25-30 %. In 2008 this service becomes the basic technology of access to the Internet for 12 % of subscribers.

following the results of 2007 the number of active Internet users has made 22 million, thus 70 % preferred to use SHPD, 12 % have chosen dial - up, 10 % were necessary on the mobile Internet and 8 % - on the wireless Internet (WiMAX, Wi - Fi). By Dmitry Deyev`s estimations, by 2011 of a share of the mobile and wireless Internet will reach 15-17 and 20 % accordingly.

in structure of a gain from additional services the mobile Internet - the basic driver of growth - considers a press - the secretary Vympelcom Ekaterina Osadchaja. Serious hopes on growth of this segment in Vym ­ pelkome connect with start 3G. In MTS also are assured of good prospects mobile SHPD - under company forecasts, this market in 2012 will reach 4,2 mlrd dollars

According to the chief of department of new products and services of commercial management the Megaphone Alexey Ivlev, now the share of the mobile Internet in incomes of operators makes about 4 %. Thus, in its opinion, this indicator can already double within two years. Popularisations of the mobile Internet a way ­ stvuet that fact that penetration SHPD into regions while is insignificant. there are territories, where the mobile Internet - almost a unique variant. The main difference of cellular operators - their mobility as the Internet is accessible everywhere where there is a covering - has added g - n Ivlev.

In iKS - Consulting consider market SHPD also fast-growing. Under forecasts of an analyst iKS - Con ­ sulting Tatyanas Tolmachevoj, in 2008 the number of subscribers SHPD will grow on 80 %, to 9,9 million

MTS has come to Volga
Yesterday MTS declared start 3G in Nizhni Novgorod. Earlier the company has started services 3G in St.-Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi and Ekaterinburg. And till the end of 2008 of service 3G will appear in nine cities. Till 2012 of MTS the operator already invests in building of networks 3G 1,6 mlrd dollars As of the end of May has spent 5 % of this sum. By 2011 of MTS plans to type to 11 million subscribers which will use 3G.