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are shown the Petersburg fuel company tax claims

the Petersburg fuel company (PTK), the largest Russian independent operator of the gas station, challenges tax claims for the sum of an order of 750 million rbl. following the results of activity check in 2004-2005. Under the version of tax specialists, for evasion from payment of taxes the company used schemes with nonexistent resellers. Questions to PTK have arisen after last year`s arrest on suspicion in a number of criminal offences of known businessman Vladimir Kumarina to which control over the company is traditionally attributed. Now participants of the market speak about possible attempt of absorption PTK by vertically integrated oil companies. After all in oil branch of Russia tax claims quite often are start of process of change of the proprietor.

The Petersburg fuel company on 99,4 % belongs to the Petersburg city bank supervised by spouses Andrey and Olga Golubevymi. Its network unites almost 150 gas stations on severo - the West of Russia which retail turn exceeds 20 mlrd rbl. a year. By own estimations, cost of business of the company together with adjacent projects makes 1-1,5 mlrd dollars

Officially in PTK declare only disagreement with the decision of the tax departments which have been taken out based on the results of testing, spent to the companies from September till December of last year. In the company underline that possess all necessary documents on legality of the activity which will be presented on August, 26th in Arbitration court of Petersburg and Leningrad region. Informally the source in management PTK has explained that the total sum of tax claims taking into account fines and penalties makes an order of 750 million rbl.

The Source in the company has confirmed the data published Petersburg Internet - a resource Fontanka. ru that questions has caused discrepancy of the accounting reporting in tax departments for 2004-2005 PTK and one of its counterparts - the petrotrader of Open Company Skels . During this period PTK has got fuel at Skels almost on 3 mlrd rbl. However in the financial reporting of this firm the data about the listed means was absent. The general director Skels Sergey Efims on interrogation has declared that any contracts did not sign.

the consequence has regarded transactions as fictitious, intended for a conclusion of money from a legal turn, and the VAT returned on them - as damage illegally caused to the state. However the source in PTK assures: tax specialists do not have claims either to a reality of contracts, or under the paid taxes our company, it is a question of accounts department Skels . Probably, just this company also evaded from taxes, without reflecting in the reporting the contracts with us, however we to it have no relation .

It is remarkable that check of activity PTK has been initiated soon after arrest of authoritative businessman Vladimir Kumarina which participants of the market consider benefitsiarom PTK (in the company this communication deny). The source in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Petersburg has informed yesterday daily that business of Barsukova-Kumarina yesterday it has been directed to Vasileostrovsky district court of a city. Kumarina and seven more it podelnikov accuse of roguish capture of some objects of real estate in St.-Petersburg and legalisation of illegally got property. Simultaneously SKP continues investigation of other criminal case upon a management of created Barsukovym criminal community. Kumarin continues to be in Moscow, in a pre-trial detention centre Sailor`s silence .

One of independent Petersburg petrotraders believes that tax claims to PTK can specify in possible fast change of owners of business. if at the company is to what to cling that have shown tax departments, possibilities for change of proprietors much more, than in a case with faultless firm - the expert is assured, specifying that unique at whom is not only desire, but also possibility to catch business PTK, are vertically integrated oil companies. In oil branch tax claims quite often precede transition of independent players under control of state companies, as in a case with YUKOS, or loyal to the Kremlin large businessmen, as in absolutely recent history with sale by Michael Gutseriev RussNefti .

According to participants of the market, more others can be interested in control reception over PTK Rosneft Which declares some years plans on reception of a large share vysokokonkurentnogo the petrol market of Petersburg, however meanwhile, according to news agency Au. 92, owns under the brand only four refuellings in a city and two in area. Nine more sites under the gas station have been bought by the company in the beginning of year at the auctions from a city. The representative Rosneft Nikolay Manvelov has informed yesterday daily that its company considers all actives which are exposed in the market. however, as far as I understand, such active as PTK, in the market is not present - he has underlined. Representatives of owners PTK earlier repeatedly declared that in the near future they do not intend to leave business.