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China will earn on ecology

Beijing stakes on manufacture of renewed energy

China left on the second place in the world under investments into renewed energy sources. According to the report of experts The Climate Group published in the end of the past week, in 2007 of the Peoples Republic of China has enclosed in development of non-polluting power 12 mlrd dollars, having conceded on this indicator only Germany. Against the transcendental prices for oil, shortages of traditional power resources and prompt growth of consumption Beijing intends to create technological break in this sphere.

the Chinese capital investments already start to pay off: manufacture of renewed energy in the country last year has reached 152 GVt - the first place in the world, confirms The Climate Group. For example, capacities of renewed energy sources in the USA have made two years ago only 101 GVt.

China plans not only to increase manufacture of renewed energy (by 2020 having increased its volume by 15 %), but also to increase export of corresponding modern technologies. Heavenly Empire in 2009 can already become the world leader on export of wind turbines, experts The Climate Group believe. Good potential at the Peoples Republic of China and in the field of solar power. Now in the country is six large companies with total capitalisation 15 mlrd dollars which annually make 820 MVt solar photo-electric energy, conceding on this indicator only to Japan.

at China one of the most ambitious plans on development of renewed energy sources, - expert Chatham House Anthony Froggett has told daily. - They provide increase in efficiency of its use at 20 % in 2005-2010 and on 20 % - by 2020. For comparison, the European Union sets as today the purpose increase in efficiency of use of this kind of energy by 2020 on 20 %, that is it is twice less, than China . Its water-power engineering remains the basic trump of Beijing. At the moment various kinds of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION of the Peoples Republic of China develop to 120 GVt the electric power, has noted g - n Froggett.

At the same time experts The Climate Group with alarm notice that the electric power most part in China (70 %) continues to be developed at the expense of coal burning. In this connection Heavenly Empire on - former wins first place on emissions in atmosphere of hotbed gases - 24 % from total amount all over the world. Thus the next decade the country power plan to increase number of burning coal thermal power stations for 500 that is connected with promptly growing requirement for the electric power.

China still spends considerable means for traditional fuel though its efforts on increase in efficiency of use of energy and the investment into high technologies should slow down rates of increase of emissions of hotbed gases, - Linda Jue has told daily the economist of the Oxford university. - Taking into account that that China is aimed at continuation of industrialisation and middle class development, most likely it remains the basic world pollutant of environment while in the USA emissions of hotbed gases will be reduced against a rise in prices for fuel and increase in use of ethanol .