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The sdvizhnaja roof for Bugatti

In the middle of August will take place premiere Veyron 16. 4 Grand Sport

the Company of Bugatti which is included into German concern of Volkswagen, prepares a premiere of car Veyron 16. 4 Grand Sport. New updating of Bugatti in a body targa will be presented on August, 16th on the American autoshow Concours d Elegance in Pebbl - the Scourge. The car price, which maximum speed exceeds 400 km/ ch, in the Russian market, under forecasts of experts, with ease will overcome a price lath of 1,8 million euro.

according to preliminary data, updating Veyron will receive all the same W - figurative 16 - the cylinder motor in volume of 8 l which is made at German factory of Volkswagen in Salzgitter. Its maximum capacity makes 746 kw/ 1001 l. With. At 6000 about./ minute, and a peak twisting moment of 1250 Nanometers it is accessible in a range 2200-5500 about./ minute With such powerful unit and 7 - step sekventalnoj transmission DSG with the double coupling, delivered by sport studio Ricardo English, the car is dispersed from a place to 100 km/ ch all for 2,5 with, and its maximum high-speed indicator makes 406 km/ ch. The all-wheel drive version in a body targa, most likely, basically will keep also other equipment of base model of Bugatti Veyron 16. 4 which is on sale in Russia since October of last year.

that the novelty will appear in a body targa, instead of in kabrioletnom execution, is caused first of all by safety reasons. In this variant at the cleaned roof the car design keeps the integrity, after all arches remain on a place. Thus, despite the bonus status and fabulous cost of the car to assort and collect a roof it is necessary to, instead of during a trip on it.

Bugatti Veyron 16. 4 Grand Sport for the first time it will be shown in America as the North American market at present is the main thing for the manufacturer. Further by quantity of orders Europe and the Near East follow. Bugatti Veyron 16 model. 4 has been let out in volume of 300 units, how many it will be made cars in opened execution, yet it is not informed. Also while that is not known also, how many cars will be allocated for Russia. If to cite the data on usual Bugatti Veyron the quota for the Russian market has made only ten cars.

next day after a premiere, on August, 17th, all in the same in Pebbl - the Scourge will take place auction Gooding on which the first copy of the car will be sold. Representing Bugatti in the domestic market in October of last year, the manufacturer declared that its cost will make 1,6 million euro. According to some information, after it were going to lift to 1,7 million euro. Therefore new, topovaja The version of the most expensive serial car will be even more expensive. The chief - editor Autoweek. ru Daniel Sonin predicts price increase approximately on 15-20 % that, in its opinion, will allow to set up a new price record on a boundary of 2 million euro.