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The marching printer


the Canadian company Planon - that that has developed the portable scanner in size with the handle, has presented the new working out - pocket bluetooth - printer Printstik.

Bluetooth - connection allows distantsionno to unpack any files - text and graphic documents from the pocket and stationary computer, a mobile phone and traditional connection by means of USB - a cable is etc. in addition provided also.

the portable printer in the size 272,53,8 the sm and weight only 460 g easily will be located in a case. Thus the device contains a replaceable cartridge with a paper roll on 20 standard pages and the battery. It is necessary to notice that in Printstik the technology of the thermal press at which printing heads directly co-operate with a special thermal paper is used. The printer gives out to three standard pages in a minute.

By means of a gadget it is possible to unpack easily directly in the street in an unfamiliar city a district map through GPS or urgently to send in the press the document from e-mail, having entered into the Internet through a mobile phone. And simply to unpack in normal scale the text which it is inconvenient to read on a smart phone screen. Employees of company Planon are assured that Printstik becomes simply irreplaceable for the businessmen who are in constant travelling, and also for travellers.

to get Printstik it is possible in the Internet - shop on site Planon. com. The device is offered in two variants is PS910 at the price of 300 dollars and it bonus the complete set with a special case under name PS950 for 350 dollars the Replaceable cartridge will manage in 25 dollars