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Russia has won first place among the countries - spam sources

Spam became for a long time the integral and habitual part of electronic post mailing. And the separate countries can be considered as the presents spam - powers among which the first positions here by right occupy some years the USA and China. On them the basic quantity of garbage messages extended worldwide is necessary. However statistical research of working group of company IBM X - Force 2008 about a condition of the international cybercriminality for this year has revealed the new leader. Russia which has turned to the basic supplier of undesirable messages in a global Network has appeared it.

if to trust the report X - Force, on our country 11 % from total amount of undesirable letters are necessary. At once after it go Turkey - 8 % and the USA - 7,1 %. So for all Trinity world spam - mailings is taken away more a quarter. As have explained daily in corporation IBM, spam most part is dispatched by networks of boats - the infected hackers of computers. And as they can it is necessary be supervised whence, the present nationality of the spamer can not coincide with that which is specified in the electronic address of the sender. It turns out, Russia now represents a certain reloading point for the further transfer of garbage messages to other countries, - have told daily in company IBM. - the Present authors of such electronic messages can sit in China or Latin America, starting post mailing from the infected computers of our users or even usual post services .

However, it not the unique reason of an exit of our country in spam - leaders. in sphere spam - mailings influences strengthening of the Russian part of a global Network variety of factors, - technical expert Symantec to Russia and the CIS Cyril Kertsenbaum has explained daily. - It is connected first of all with the weak organisation of level of protection of networks of providers, low computer literacy of Internet users and, strangely enough, high level of use of the illegal software. The matter is that among free computer programs now a lot of such, which in itself are harmful or promote mailing of same spam. And cracked legal ON on safety sometimes is not capable to support sufficient level of protection against the spamer and the hacker .

Thus the spam market in Russia was already generated. there are the large offices for a long time working in this business, - has commented on a situation daily leading spam - an analyst Kaspersky`s Laboratories Darya Gudkova. - There are customers who advance the goods and services with its help. In the first half of the year 2008 the average share of spam in the post traffic on domestic the Internet - space has made 88 %. And last year Russia left on the second place among the countries - sources of undesirable electronic messages. To different indirect signs, in particular increase in quantity of Russian-speaking messages, it is possible to draw a conclusion that this year it at least will not lose the positions .

the Group X - Force has revealed also curious tendencies in spam - mailing. Spamers refuse today electronic messages in the form of graphic representations or the attached files which were popular in 2007. Now spam becomes simpler, coming back to a usual text format. such step to the past is connected with attempt of spamers to bypass new types of protection, - Michael Savelyev, an analyst of systems of information security of the company " has explained daily; Information protection . - The matter is that the modern complicated filters are adjusted on catching and blocking of undesirable letters with pictures and investments. However basically they are defenceless before primitive electronic messages from several words and the reference to any site. It is no wonder that those now is more than 80 % .

Most notable changes are marked in evolution of electronic messages with a harmful code. this year special popularity use lozhnonovostnye letters, - tells g - zha Gudkova. - In the message the reference to a site with the sensational message is underlined. For example: In New York has landed UFO. Click to look at video . As a result the unlucky user passes to the resource infected with the hacker from which on its computer the virus " is loaded;. Hackers and spamers and domestic social networks have not avoided, using their popularity, for example, for fishingovyh attacks. in one of harmful letters especially lazy it was offered to be registered by means of the special program on site Odnoklassniki. ru, - Darya Gudkova continues. - As the message affirmed that the user will get direct access to the Network without tiresome procedure of regular filling of the password and the e-mail address. However at registration both that and another went on a spam site .

By the way, the reference of spam to social servers has seriously disturbed the Internet - experts. As from the beginning of year the largest of them - Odnoklassniki. ru and Vkontakte. ru - have already suffered from hacker attacks. Though, by expert estimations, the volume of harmful spam in Russia yet does not exceed 3-10 %, growing popularity of social networks can have on it stimulating influence and to create real threat for the ordinary user.