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The Savings Bank will shift actives

In affiliated company

Yesterday the Savings Bank has informed on affiliated company registration the Savings Bank the Capital . In bank say that 100 - percentage a daughter will be engaged in operations with its extrabalance actives. Participants of the market believe that on the basis of this company the Savings Bank can create the investment company what the bank management declared in the beginning of year.

as has told a source daily in the Savings Bank, the company is created to shift on it some actives which the Savings Bank cannot hold on the balance . Under the information daily head this company with an authorised capital stock in 3 mlrd rbl. the director of management of design financing of the Savings Bank Alexander Solovev can. In the Savings Bank yesterday have refused comments.

we will notice that one year ago the Savings Bank had an affiliated company with the similar name the Savings Bank the Capital Registered in St.-Petersburg, engaged in financial consulting, but last year it has been sold. And until recently the Savings Bank remained one of few largest Russian banks which do not have neither investment, nor a management company.

probably that the Savings Bank creates the special investment company on which will take out those operations which from the economic point of view are effective, but are not traditional for bank, - general director UK " speaks; Ingosstrah - Investments Valery Petrov. - all over the world it is accepted that the diversification of risks for banks is under construction on division into investment banks and commercial banks. At us in the country such legislatively is not present .

the Securities market is now in a mobile condition, - the chief accountant of bank " marks; Avant-guard Vladimir Andreev. - Probably, the Savings Bank wants to translate a part of securities from the portfolio in affiliated company that market movement did not influence its financial results . In opinion g - on Andreeva, the affiliated company can be engaged in the same operations with securities through the same Savings Bank which can act as its broker .

At the same time analyst FK Uralsib Leonid Slipchenko believes that the Savings Bank creates the company under investment projects for the clients. but I do not think that this company will be analogue of bank VTB - Invest - Leonid Slipchenko believes. In the spring of this year group VTB has made decision to create on the basis of the affiliated company VTB the Capital the investment company VTB - Invest which will give full volume of investment bank services, to be engaged in direct investments and management of actives.

We Will notice also that in February of current year the president of the Savings Bank Herman Gref declared that the bank considers possibility of creation own investitsionno - bank business. According to Herman Gref, at the first stage it was supposed to create investitsionno - the bank block in the corporate block, at the second stage its allocation in independent division and only at the third stage creation of independent structure either from zero, or by purchase of any bank or the company.