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Guest workers have divided into estates

FMS will deduce foreign a top - managers from among labour migrants

From the middle of August of the work permit foreign a top - to managers will stand out out of quotas on labour migration. Such measure is provided by the joint order of Minzdravsotsrazvitija and Ministry of economic development and trade. According to experts, this right decision, but difficultly applicable as not all a top - managers are registered on the posts registered in the order.

a top - managers are deduced from frameworks kvotirovanija - such certificate is already prepared - the associate director of Federal migratory service (FMS) Oleg Artamonov has declared yesterday. According to the official, the innovation will concern only some categories of foreign managers. the list of posts which will fall under an innovation, develops Minzdravsotsrazvitija - has explained a source in FMS. This order is co-ordinated with Ministry of economic development and trade and is on the statement in Ministry of Justice, - representative Minzdravsotsrazvitija has explained. - Its acceptance is expected in the middle of August. The document provides the list from 22 trades and specialities - positions are registered in it like general directors, assistants and engineers . If the post of the worker sounds as - that differently, it is expected by all same quotas.

meanwhile in many foreign companies professionals a top - level consist on posts of leading experts, chiefs of departments or advisers. therefore would be more true to divide labour on qualified and not qualified, - the general director of Joint-Stock Company " has told daily; Financial examination Consulting Dmitry Shusternjak. - The above qualification of the employee, the should be easier to it work permit reception. If the person has formation and qualification, it is not necessary to make its difficulties. As at us at many industrial enterprises serious personnel deficiency " today was formed;.

we Will remind, in the beginning of June in Moscow the quota provided for year has been completely settled. Bodies FMS have stopped delivery of work permits to foreigners, and under an interdiction have got both simple workers, and a top - managers of the companies with mullions-strong budgets. It has appeared, has given failure kvotnyj the mechanism developed in bowels of Minzdravsotsrazvitija in the end of 2006. The employers, planning to involve for work of foreigners in 2008, should submit demands to the authorised bodies till May, 1st, 2007. Proceeding from these demands the quota also was formed, however the employer not always can define in advance, how many workers are required to it in a year. As a result the quota is prematurely settled.

the kvotnyj mechanism is imperfect, - the director of the Center of migratory researches Jeanne Zajonchkovsky summarises. - To struggle with illegal migration by means of quotas silly as those who employs labour of illegally, any demands do not submit . To define a quota under demands of the enterprises too it is unreasonable, the expert considers: Small enterprises for which it is necessary only two - three foreign workers, we push out from a legal field .