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The award for vodka

the government will present with rouble the regions making alcohol

the Government suggests governors to develop at itself manufacture of alcohol and is ready to list in budgets of such regions in addition 20 % of incomes of the alcoholic excise. Yesterday the new technique of transfer of the excise was approved by the tripartite commission on perfection of interbudgetary relations. As a result the share of the excise at regions - manufacturers will make 40 %. The others of 60 % will be redistributed between other subjects of the Russian Federation. Experts warn that introduction of new practice can lead to regional separatism in the alcoholic market.

yesterday the Ministry of Finance has suggested to change since 2010 a transfer order in the budget of subjects of the Russian Federation of incomes of payment of excises to alcoholic production. Now the alcoholic excise is distributed as follows: 20 % of the rate settle in regions where factories - manufacturers of alcoholic production are located, and 80 % are received by other subjects of proportionally share in a total sum of the excises which have arrived in the federal budget in 2004. The Ministry of Finance considers this scheme become outdated. specifications are calculated proceeding from the data received in the conditions of action of excise warehouses (they have been cancelled two years ago. - daily) - Anton Siluanov has explained the deputy minister of the finance. But the main thing, according to officials of the Ministry of Finance, such distribution of the excise does not stimulate the regional authorities to building of vodka distilleries.

amendments to the budgetary code prepared by department of Alexey Kudrin, suggest to leave to regions - to manufacturers of 40 % of the excise, and 60 % to distribute between other regions. And 10 % from them will receive regions depending on number of potentially drinking population (the Ministry of Finance considers as them all who has reached 18 years), the remained 50 % - from calculation of level of excise receipts in 2007. Of the Ministry of Finance assure that bill acceptance will lead to insignificant redistribution of incomes of payment of excises between regions and will not lead to reduction of incomes of the federal budget. According to the Ministry of Finance, in 2009 of the power expect to collect 71,24 mlrd excise rbl. on alcoholic production, in 2010 - m - 80,322 mlrd, in 2011 - m - 90,141 mlrd rbl.

Experts consider that the initiative of the Ministry of Finance is lobbied by regions - manufacturers of alcohol. considering that the share of excises in incomes of subjects is enough considerable, it will lead to redistribution of financial streams in favour of regions in which large spirit manufactures are located, and it is Tatarstan, the North Ossetia - Alanija, Karachaevo-Circassia - marks eks - the head of department of fiscal administration FGUP Rosspirtprom the Lion of Zinchenko. According to senator Vyacheslav Novikova, aspiring to stimulate development of alcoholic manufacture, authors of the bill forget about indemnification to regions after cancellation of excise warehouses. at regions have selected 20 more % of the excise, - the senator explains. - and already nobody thinks how to compensate the lost incomes .

the Head of advisory council concerning state regulation of manufacture and a turn of ethyl spirit, alcoholic and spirtosoderzhashchej production of committee GD on economic policy and business Michael Blinov is assured: the increase in a share of the excise listed directly in the regional budget, creates economic motivation for regional separatism. Governors will clamp alcohol which is made not in their territory, and in every possible way to create regional barriers, pushing together a forehead of manufacturers, that is the given measure creates risks for uniform economic space - the expert has explained.