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Have suddenly grown rich

the Government has raised an indicator of the minimum budgetary security

the Ministry of Finance has reduced rupture between poor and rich regions seven times. On it has informed yesterday the deputy minister of the finance Anton Siluanov. To achieve such indicators to department it was possible by arithmetic manipulations at calculation of budgetary security.

fund of financial support to regions (FFPR) - the oldest budgetary tool of support of subjects of the Russian Federation as a part of the federal budget, except it there is a fund of indemnifications, fund sofinansirovanija, fund of regional development, reforming fund, the federal address investment program and grants for highways. Means FFPR go on alignment of budgetary security of regions. Till 2001 FFPR made to 70 % from volume of all interbudgetary transfers, in 2005 its share has reached 61 %, and in 2009 - the m is planned to finish this indicator to 35 %. In real expression the fund volume will grow next year on 13,8 % and will make 374 mlrd rbl.

Reduction almost twice shares of grants for rupture elimination between regions will occur thanks to a new technique of formation of fund. If earlier, according to the deputy minister of the finance Anton Siluanova, at calculation of the general size of necessary grants started with the average level of budgetary security now the Ministry of Finance suggests to use a minimum level. at its calculation we have excluded ten richest and ten poorest regions - the official of the Ministry of Finance has explained.

to leaders, the Tyumen region, Moscow, Tatarstan, Lipetsk and Vologda areas traditionally concern outsiders - Ingushetia, the Chechen Republic, Republic Altai, Republic Tyva, Komi - Permjatsky autonomous region. It has as a result turned out that security of the poorest regions has raised with 9 to 58 %, or 20,455 thousand rbl. per capita. After budgetary alignment rupture between Moscow and Ingushetia was reduced seven times - has concluded g - n Siluanov.

Besides, the Ministry of Finance intends to cancel since 2012 additional grants of rich regions for finishing of their volume to previous year level. Encouragement was received by those regions, whose tax incomes grew advancing rates, accounts payable decrease occurred faster, than on the average across Russia, and its share in the budget was minimum. As has explained g - n Siluanov, additional dotirovanie occurred at the expense of underfinancing of poor regions. Reduction of transfers will pass stage by stage: in 2009 such regions will receive 90 % from level of previous year, in 2010 - m - 80 %, and in 2011 - 50 %. Since 2012 lagging behind regions will receive grants in full - has assured the deputy minister of the finance.