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Metre on three roubles

habitation Building subsidise with that who does not overestimate its cost price

Rates of increase of input accessible habitation across Russia make only 2,9 %. Such recognition has sounded yesterday from lips vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov. To accelerate them, the minister of regional development Dmitry Kozak promises to withdraw in September inefficiently used federal lands and to transfer to their regions under building. However to withdraw the earths it is not enough - without simplification of procedure of registration of town-planning documents it will not allow to begin building.

yesterday vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov and head Minregiona Dmitry Kozak have summed up national project realisation Accessible habitation in the first half of the year 2008. In a videoconference format representatives of nine regions have been interrogated. The result has not pleased officials. as a whole on the country it is visible some delay of rates of increase, they have decreased to 2,9 % - Alexander Zhukov has told. The main reason - absence of the free ground areas provided with an engineering and social infrastructure .

to solve a problem the Fund of assistance to development of housing construction which will mobilise inefficiently used federal lands belonging to various state structures is called. Dmitry Kozak has promised that withdrawal of federal lands in fund and their subsequent transfer to conducting regions will begin in a month. As he said, Minregion has finished working out of strategy of building of the mass habitation, calculated till 2020.

the delay with the strategy statement has been connected with the coordination of its financial parametres. And though g - n Kozak has beaten out money, to pay grants it intends only to those regions which will maintain the planned rates of building of habitation and will not overestimate the cost price of square metre. One subject of the Russian Federation built one square metre of habitation for three roubles, and another for three thousand - it any more will not be, - the minister has declared. - subjects who will show such indicators, will lose the right to grant reception .

decrease in rates of input of habitation is influenced also by other reasons. already more than two years operate positions of the Town-planning code of the Russian Federation, obliging municipalities to give the sites issued and provided with communications under building on the terms of auction, than many of them do not want or have no possibility to be engaged - the deputy director of department of the state consultation of Joint-Stock Company " explains; AKG RBS Sergey Izmestev. Reduction of number of the solvent citizens, ready to invest in habitation building, including from - for complications of procedure of reception of credits affects also.

according to the leading economist of the company the Renaissance the Capital Elenas Sharipovoj, developers could build more cheaply and faster if the authorities have concentrated on the decision of two most challenges: infrastructure creation on the ground areas transferred under building, and elimination of bureaucratic obstacles at registration of the town-planning documentation . To bring object in the city or area local plan - on - former the extremely difficult and expensive procedure. Dmitry Kozak promises to liquidate administrative barriers in sphere of building of habitation the next two years .