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The crop has brought down the prices

inflation for a short while inflation for the first time for many months has gone on recession

last July it has appeared more low, than in July, 2007. According to given Rosstata, the prices have grown on 0,5 % against 0,9 one year ago, well and last week July they did not grow at all. Nevertheless the inflationary background does not decrease: the fast rise in prices, according to the experts, has already worsened position of manufacturers in comparison with foreign competitors. Since autumn experts expect display of the new factors which are urging on the prices.

seasonal reduction in price of vegetables and fruit became the main reason of long-awaited decrease in inflation. In July of the price for vegetables have fallen on the average to 16,7 %, on fruit - on 3,3 %. The summer crop was a major factor constraining inflation. Central Bank actions on toughening of a monetary policy have affected also, the director of department of strategic analysis FBK Igor Nikolays marks. For the Central Bank first half of the year raised rates on tools of refinancing and depositary operations three times and increased specifications of obligatory reserves twice. But that inflation delay became a tendency, similar measures obviously insufficiently, believes g - n Nikolays. To offer the government while there is nothing more. And meanwhile inflation already brakes economic growth of the country.

rate of increase of consumer prices in Russia has exceeded in the first half of the year a ญญ similar indicator in the countries - its trading partners on 4,5 items of the item, the leading expert of the Center of development Valery Mironov marks. “ it speaks about competitiveness loss to import: inflation causes delay of economic growth, - the expert makes comments. - losing competitiveness, we make also it even more we push inflation " less;. In June the industry has lost 5 items of the item of a gain in comparison with January-May. The greatest delay ญ of rates while is necessary on an investment complex of the industry (cars and the equipment, metallurgy).

“ Since February delay of rates of increase of manufacture of the food production, caused by stagnation of manufacture dairy and maslozhirovoj branches, by delay of rates of increase of manufacture of meat production " was observed; - it is marked in monitoring of Ministry of economic development and trade socially - an economic situation of Russia. “ milk became expensive, therefore it do not buy “ - explains falling of manufacture head “ Vimm - the Bill - Danna “ David Jakobashvili. But hopes molochniki do not lose. At a meeting with the first vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov to them promised state support of manufacture of dried milk since 2009. This year the question can be solved with long-term credits and a covering of interest rates on them. The general director of trading house WJ Alexey Kolomin is optimistically adjusted also: The grain good harvest, therefore the basic agricultural products is expected should fall in price.

however it will not affect growth of inflation. “ in June the prices of manufacturers - on 4,9 % continued to grow quickly. With a certain log, probably, since autumn this process will affect consumer inflation “ - Igor Nikolays reminds. Following the results of a year, by estimations of the interrogated experts, inflation will exceed 14 % against 11,8 under government forecasts.