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Farewell, the weapon

the Kirghiz militia has withdrawn from Americans a large arsenal

New scandal presence of the American military men at Kirghizia has turned back. Yesterday in the private house on suburb of Bishkek employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kirghizia within the limits of operation the Arsenal the big warehouse of illegally stored weapon and ammunition has been found out. The weapon has been found in a premise rented by Americans and belonged to the American military men. Both though the government. And though the country government later recognised that the group of experts has arrived from the USA to spend educational process on strengthening of antiterrorist possibilities of the country the fact of infringement of the law is available. Besides, in business there was a number of the obscure moments.

the list of the withdrawn arms impresses: 6 large-caliber machine guns with an optical sight and with devices of night vision, 26 automatic machines of calibre of 5,56 mm, 2 winchesters of mark mosvega 12 - go calibre, 4 trunks from a large-caliber machine gun, 2 podstvolnyh a grenade cup discharge, 4 sniper rifles with a khaki optical sight, 6 pistols of calibre of mark of 9 mm the Beretta and also about 20 thousand cartridges of various calibre and other ammunition. These arms of the western manufacture and, on - visible, it have arrived from the American base Manas . By a recognition of the experts, it is possible to arm with a similar arsenal the whole group of members of spetsnaz.

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Kirghizia has brought yesterday criminal case on the given fact. In turn, the American embassy in Kirghizia has there and then made the statement that the arsenal has been imported into republic from a permission and the consent of the Kirghiz authorities and intended for training of certain antiterrorist divisions. At the moment of operation carrying out in the house really there were some employees of embassy of the USA possessing diplomatic immunity, and also 10 military men who ostensibly have arrived from the USA for carrying out of doctrines. However first any of the Kirghiz power departments did not admit that the given group of Americans has arrived under its invitation, especially with such powerful arsenal. Obviously not in a course was also Kirghiz the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Late at night authorities of Kirghizia nevertheless have acted with an official explanation of an event. It was preceded by consultations of all interested departments lasting many hours. According to the statement of the Kirghiz government, the American military profits to spend educational process on strengthening of antiterrorist possibilities republics. It appears that they are in the country under the invitation of the State committee of national safety (GKNB) Kirghizia. Nevertheless, the fact of infringement of laws admits the statement - obviously also that the military arsenal has been delivered without observance of all necessary procedures. Thus, Americans have walked smack in large scandal which has already put a telling blow on their image and political positions in republic. In this history there were also obscure questions - why the arms have been delivered secretly why it was stored in the private house and at whom should shoot? Experts are unanimous that the arsenal delivered by Americans is intended to arm any fighting group, and powerful enough on scales of small republic. this arsenal - complete structure. They did not collect it as scrap metal in a heap - the Kirghiz political scientist Turat Akimov has noted in conversation with daily. That it there was a banal operation on contraband, the expert does not trust, as there there were also diplomats . In its opinion, the problem was put to prepare any fighting group. the most dangerous that it is possible to arm with the similar weapon half-companies - 30 - 40 persons, - continues g - n Akimov. - And the given grouping can conduct serious diversionary activity . Thus the expert pays attention that occurrence of the American arms has coincided on time with activization of separatists in frontier Chinese Sintszjane - one of these days there there was a serious attack on a police post.

in many respects the Kirghiz military expert Leonid Bondarets adheres to the similar point of view also. it is possible to arm with This arsenal powerful group which would guide to rustle at a floor - Kirghizia - he has told daily. The expert does not believe in explanations of embassy of the USA that these arms ostensibly intended for training of the Kirghiz special services. after all they have a base, what for to store it in a new building? - is perplexed g - n Bondarets. The expert also has reminded that the Kirghiz power structures do not have NATO arms - the given arsenal means has been intended for creation of any new armed formations. strategy of the USA consists in creating instability zones, and in these zones of instability - to establish the influence. Time there was this weapon - it should shoot - believes g - n Bondarets.

At the same time experts see a possible intrigue of the Prorussian political forces in actions of the Kirghiz law enforcement bodies. it some kind of the answer to espionage scandal by spring of this year when a number of officers of safety and the Minister of Defence of Kirghizia has received long prison terms for espionage in favour of Russia - the head of service of strategic planning of Association of frontier cooperation Alexander Sobjanin has noted in conversation with daily. In its opinion, representatives of the Kirghiz special services in possible cooperation with the Russian colleagues have struck back on Americans for their attempt to hammer a wedge in allied relations of Russia and Kirghizia.

for Americans disclosing of the Bishkek arsenal - very unpleasant surprise. It is obvious that the Kirghiz law enforcement bodies have interfered with certain informal relations which existed between Washington and separate Kirghiz agents of national security. However now Americans and their supporters should justify and spend long a lot of time in courts. Personnel conclusions from the happened are quite probable also. Americans here felt owners - that want, do. Have wanted - have delivered the weapon, have wanted - have taken out. To our political management is above this question seriously to reflect - Leonid Bondarets summarises.