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Holiday with a death smell

Croatia marks anniversary of ethnic cleanings

Today in Croatia pass last celebratory actions devoted 13 - j to anniversary of restoration of territorial integrity of this country. In the next Serbia and the Serbian autonomy as a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the same time pass pominalnye molebny and memorial services - brilliant successes the Croatian army in August, 1995 have poured out in ethnic cleanings in which result territory of Croatia have been compelled to leave about 300 thousand Serbs living there. Few of them who remained in Croatia, are there citizens of the second grade - to find work or to return the taken away property to the Serb in Croatia it is almost impossible. EU and the USA make light of it - in the same way as they look at fascism revival in Baltic and infringement in these republics of the rights of the Russian-speaking population.

Victims of the Croatian armies which have occupied territory of self-proclaimed Republic Serbian Kraina (RSK) practically without efforts, became more than 2000 civilians, the Croatian authorities which have believed to promises that in relation to them repressive measures will not be applied. The destiny of 1700 more Serbs remains to the unknown person - tried to make the way till now in Serbia, they have simply disappeared where - that on road. Witnesses of charge on litigation passing now in the Hague over three Croatian generals - Ante Gotovinoj, Ivan Chermakom and Mladenom Markachem ordering operation the Thunder-storm told about numerous murders, arsons of houses, thefts and other acts of the Croatian military men falling under definition war crimes .

I the eyes saw corpses of old men and women in streets Knina (capital RSK - daily). The Croatian military men purposefully burnt down and destroyed the Serbian houses and other objects of real estate - it is obvious that speech here went about cleaning by the ethnic principle which purpose was to make impossible returning of Serbs in these edges - the British officer working those years in mission of the United Nations in RSK has told to the correspondent daily. However that fact that all military management of the Croatian army which planned and have carried out operation the Thunder-storm now is in the Hague, does not disturb official Zagreb and further to mark August events of 1995 as the main state holiday of this country.

the role of peacemakers of the United Nations in these events in general deserves separate attention. The differentiations entered on a line between Serbs and Croats in 1992, they became guarantors of safety for both parties. However to keep order in a zone of operations by it it was not possible - all these years the Croatian army armed and trained by the American instructors, regularly arranged the armed provocations to which the international community did not react in any way. And in August, 1995 necessity for peacemakers in general has disappeared - the Croats, met with approval of the USA and EU, have solved, counter to all peace arrangements reached to that moment, force to integrate the risen territories in structure of the state. To place to it placed in RSK United Nations armies could not or have not wanted - they have simply passed the Croatian parts through the usages and began to observe easy of an event on their eyes beating of the peace population which guarantors of safety they were.

now and their European allies try to carry out the similar scenario of the USA on caucasus - there events develop on just the same logic. Unique hindrance on a way of the Georgian army reformed by the American generals are the Russian peacemakers. For this reason Tbilisi, Washington, Bruxelles and even Kiev demand the prompt conclusion of the Russian military men from zones Georgian - Abkhazian and Georgian - the Osset conflict and their replacement by the international peace-making contingent. That happens further, is well visible on example RSK - on a whistle peacemakers will leave Washington from the positions, and the destiny of the population of Abkhazia and South Ossetia will be solved by the Georgian military men and policemen. It is possible to assume with ease, as abhazam and to Ossetins from the south of Ossetia hardly probable it is necessary is better, than to Serbs, till 1995 living on territory RSK.

Croatia, whose statehood is a fruit of ethnic cleanings, at full speed comes nearer to membership in EU. Bruxelles does not confuse neo-nazism reviving in the country (concerts of singer Mark Perkovicha on which many thousands crowds of Croats sing songs of times of fascist Germany, regularly pass on all country), proceeding discrimination by a national and religious principle. It is enough to tell that returning process in the country of the Serbian refugees is actually stopped - the government allocates the ridiculous sums for these purposes, and will get a job to the Serb in Croatia it is almost impossible. However the given phenomena hardly become a hindrance for the introduction of Croatia into EU - in the same way as marches of veterans SS and discrimination of the Russian-speaking population have not prevented to become members of this union to the states of Baltic.