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Recruits will independently check up

now the decision of military registration and enlistment offices it is possible to challenge

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has signed one of these days the decision about independent military - medical examination which will allow recruits to challenge medical certificate about the health, made military physicians or the commission at a military registration and enlistment office. Under the informal data, level of health of 90 % of the Russian young men does not allow to call them in army. However experts consider that will challenge the military registration and enlistment office decision even through independent medical examination not so - that simply.

today the conclusion about the validity of the recruit to military service takes out military - the medical commission at military registration and enlistment offices. If the recruit does not agree with the conclusion, it can direct the claim to court and pass judicial medical examination at the Minister of Defence. But the problem consists that doctors make only the diagnosis, instead of establish a validity category. As a result on the basis of materials of a medicolegal investigation the judge cannot independently take out the decision on the validity of the recruit.

very few recruits bring an action claims for the appeal of decisions of the invocatory commission. Now there is no medical examination which would be authorised to establish a validity category - has told daily the responsible secretary of the Union of committees of soldier`s mothers of Russia of Valentine Melnikova. Though, as she said, level of health of 90 % of the Russian young men does not allow to call them in army. With the advent of independent military - medical examination all of them can challenge appropriated by it in a military registration and enlistment office a validity category.

the independent expert appraisal is an additional useful tool for court because it is not always clear who should consider medical documents. Now it will be done by the licensed doctors whom I will ascertain a validity category - has explained Valentine Melnikova.

On the other hand, the given measure will allow to remove suspicions from physicians of the invocatory commission that medical inquiries of the recruit the bought. independent military - medical examination will lower quantity of claims of the invocatory commissions to recruits concerning authenticity of medical inquiries - the head of the Center of military forecasting, a member of social council has told daily at the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Anatoly Tsyganok. In case of disagreements with the invocatory commission the young man can always address to independent experts.

however with search independent military - medical experts at not consent with the decision of the invocatory commission of young men there can be difficulties. So, by position, experts should not serve in military establishments or military - the medical commissions of military registration and enlistment offices, therefore as a part of advisory council of the independent medical organisations there should be former medical officers. As the president of Association of the deserved doctors of Russia Vyacheslav Lazarev has told daily, in each council should be not less than three former medical officers. It means that such medical boards will be very little. not consent with the conclusion military - the medical commission citizens cannot simply find independent experts - has told g - n Lazarev.

Besides, there is a complexity in the procedure because independent expert appraisal term is limited week that it is obvious not enough for carrying out of necessary inspection for assignment of a category of the validity to the recruit. doctors hardly probable will have time to survey all interested persons - has told g - n Lazarev. Besides, as he said, it is big responsibility to deny the decision of the military commission on the validity of the recruit. hardly someone on it will go, especially from the former military men - has added g - n Lazarev.