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The gas giant

a role of Russia as supplier of gas will increase

the Role and value of Russia as the supplier of gas to Europe will increase, while own manufacture of continent will steadily fall. As transfers ITAR - TASS, the head of the International power agency has declared it (MEA) Nobuo Tanaka. Russia is the greatest in the world the manufacturer and the exporter of gas, and gas manufacture in the Western Europe, apparently, has already reached the marginal level. If to make a start only from it, it is necessary to assume that the role of Russia as the supplier of energy to Europe and in the created world gas market will increase - head MEA has specified. Its words will to the full be co-ordinated with the Concept of development of Russia till 2020, recently published by the Ministry of economic development. According to plans of the Russian government, gas production in the country will grow by 2020 on 35,2 % in comparison with 2007. At the same time Europe cannot be defined in the relation to Russia in any way: she that demands to increase gas giving accuses of power blackmail.

according to Nobuo Tanaki, the world requirement for energy increases and in the foreseeable future fossil fuel will continue to remain a dominating energy source . Accordingly, will grow and dependence of the countries - importers from deliveries of oil and gas from the Near East and from Russia . Under plans of the Russian government, gas production should increase by 2020 to 815 - 900 mlrd cubic m, and export - to increase to 280 - 330 mlrd cubic m. Thereby a role of Russia in power supply of Europe will inevitably increase, and all conversations about existing excessive dependences and necessities diversifications Deliveries appear no more, than empty concussion of air. On a theme of the phobias connected with Russia, many European politicians simply try to hammer together to themselves the political capital. And in the meantime the most far-sighted (for example, France, Germany and Italy) have already counted a situation for many years forward and now aspire to stake out to itself the most favourable conditions for long-term deliveries from Russia.

Russia at the population approximately from world and gross national product - too approximately 2,3 % from world - makes 2,3 % more than 10 % from world primary energy (in this energy joins all energy carriers). Thus approximately 6 % from world primary energy are exported by Russia - the president of Institute of power and the finance Leonid Grigoriev has told daily. In its opinion, value of our country as exporter of power resources is unprecedented. the role of Russia was and will be simply enormous! The world can live any time without The big Iraq oil but without Russia the world cannot live! - the expert is convinced.

Leonid Grigoriev in every possible way welcomes the statement g - on Tanaki because it it is made on the basis of the deep analysis of really passing processes in the world. it is really sober voice specifying that Russia remains and will be even more serious player - the president of Institute of power and the finance considers. In its opinion, the future lies in cooperation, instead of in the conflict. As in the Europe gas production falls, especially in England. And in Norway it left on peak and will decrease further. Russia - a source of gas the most reliable - and in the technical plan, and in any the friend - the expert believes.

and here many European politicians including members of Eurocommission, unfortunately, behave irresponsibly enough. According to Leonid Grigoriev, they act with very inconsistent statements: On the one hand, invest more in gas and on the other hand - we do not want from you to depend, we do not want, that you delivered more than any certain share of gas . Similar statements become very often last two years, especially after the Ukrainian crisis. And very often it becomes in the same speech, the same people! It - contradicts logic - the expert is convinced.

at the same time Russia already has not only the developed plans, but also resources to increase manufacture of gas and to diversify its deliveries. Our country is going to consume more itself and to deliver gas and to Asia, especially China more. therefore the Eurocommission should define more accurately: whether she wants some more gas from Russia that in Europe it was good with ecology and a climate, or she wants some less gas - then we should not worry about supply of Europe. For now this desire to see is more than gas and less Russia contradicts common sense and is technically impracticable - the president of Institute of power and the finance summarises.