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Suzuki on peat

the Civil-engineering design of Japanese car factory has risen in price almost in one and a half time

Yesterday the government of St.-Petersburg has confirmed increase in cost of building of car factory of Suzuki in Shusharah on 1,2 mlrd rbl. Additional investments are necessary on recycling of 2 million in cubic m of the peat which has been unexpectedly found out on a site of factory in an industrial zone of Shushary. In Smolnom assume that this problem can remove input of factory of Suzuki for a year.

from - for in addition arisen difficulties on the ground area cost of building of factory makes now almost 4,2 mlrd rbl. instead of planned earlier 3 mlrd rbl. Only on 2 million dredging t peat the minimum 1,1 mlrd rbl. is required, besides, further it is necessary to utilise it and to fall asleep a site a new ground. Maxim Sokolov, the chairman of Committee on investments and strategic projects, has told yesterday daily that the city while in any way does not plan to promote financially to Suzuki in the decision of a peat problem, however has assured that the unexpected rise in price of the project yet has not led to refusal by the Japanese company of factory building. To solve a peat problem it is necessary - give in existing territory to the investor a new site a city cannot from - for deficiency of suitable platforms, Maxim Sokolov has explained.

Maxim Sokolov has declared that these problems will lead to carrying over of terms of start of factories for a year. Yesterday at session of the government of Petersburg the site of 50 hectares for Suzuki has repeatedly been allocated because the company could not spend in time 11 months prospecting works for definition of possibility of building of the factory in this territory in Shusharah.

to Contact representatives of Suzuki to find out their relation to the arisen problem, last night it was not possible. At the same time one of participants of the automobile market, well familiar with sales of mark of Suzuki in Russia, has informed yesterday on hearings going already some months about possible refusal of the company of building in Petersburg of factory. when this decision was some years ago made, in a city there was a big deficiency for this mark, now with adjustment of logistical chains the sharpness slept, and the answer to a question on placing here manufactures is already unevident - the expert believes. At the same time the operating director of car centre Suzuki - Ozerki (group Laura ) Sergey Shatohin has assured yesterday that turns on some models of a brand were stretched till January, 2009 and demand for Suzuki is very high. And according to Association of the European business, for the first half of the year 2008 the mark sales volume in Russia has grown on 56 % in comparison with the corresponding period of last year, to 21,3 thousand cars.

Grigory Dvas, vitse - the governor of Leningrad region, yesterday navskidku has remembered three ideally suited sites in its region where it is possible to allocate 50 hectares for Suzuki factory: in Volosovsky area at the Tallinn highway, in Vsevolozhsk area in Romanovke and in territory of former Open Society Flowers on crossing of the Kiev and Volhonsky highway. If Suzuki now makes the decision on carrying over of the project on one of these platforms, it can save much more, than 1,2 mlrd the rbl. necessary for export of peat from Shushar, and at the same time will solve a problem with personnel hunger in Petersburg, Grigory Dvas has noted. It is surprising, why the question with peat export has not risen before the next factory of Toyota where proceeding from the area of its site it should be formed an order of 4-5 million in cubic m, - he is surprised. - officially on territory of Leningrad region these volumes were not taken out, means, they or could be utilised illegally, or their any part has got on the next site to Suzuki .