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the Russian Railway receive control over the railway ferry in Ust - Luga

As it became known daily, the state transfers railway - the automobile ferry terminal in Ust - Luga, started in 2006, in an authorised capital stock the Russian railways (Russian Railway). Other applicant for this complex, the Company Ust - Luga has, seemingly, refused idea to increase at his expense the areas of the automobile terminal located in the neighbourhood the South - 2 .

the Ferry complex includes a mooring, the bridge, railway park and a check point through state border. The mooring consists of a bilateral pier from 7 sections in total length of 429 m. - Luga - Baltiysk ferry is capable to accept Ust working on a line more than 100 railway cars, 90 cars or a beater - trailers, however first of all on the ferry was planned to transport railway tanks with oil products.

till now the ferry complex is in conducting ust - the Luga branch FGUP Rosmorport . A management the Companies Ust - Luga already repeatedly brought up a question on possibility of transfer to management to it or all ferry complex Rosmorporta or its automobile part which could serve for terminal expansion the South - 2 . However this week the chairman of board of directors of Open Society the Company Ust - Luga Valery Izrajlit has informed daily on the beginning of process of transfer by the state auto - the railway ferry terminal in Ust - Luga to the Russian railways .

In the Russian Railway daily have declared that cannot confirm the fact of transfer to an authorised capital stock of the company of a property complex of the ferry terminal in Ust yet - Luga as now there are negotiations on this question. According to the interlocutor daily to finish negotiations and definitively to solve this question it is planned not earlier than in couple of months. As has explained a source in the Russian Railway, transfer of objects of real estate to an authorised capital stock is carried out by the governmental order of the Russian Federation. For this purpose FAS and the MAYOR should make representation in the government. The generated list of objects is considered on board of directors of the Russian Railway and affirms the decree of the president of the Russian Federation.

the ferry complex constructed at the expense of the federal budget has managed approximately in 4 mlrd rbl. What now its cost, any expert not undertakes to estimate. it is possible to estimate only a total cost of hydraulic engineering constructions, - director IAA InfraNews Alexey Bezborodov argues. - The estimation of the business is impossible, as goods traffic any stably simply does not exist .

At the same time transfer of cargoes on the railway ferry gradually increases turns. If for all 2007 it has been overloaded only 1416 units of technics, and the general turnover of goods of the terminal has made 15 thousand t all for 7 mes 2008 this figure has grown more than in 10 times, to 173,5 thousand t, have informed yesterday in ust - the Luga branch Rosmorporta . If terminal turns grow the same rates for 2008 the railway terminal can reach 300 thousand level t cargoes. Designed capacity of the terminal - 4 million t, 1,2 million t from which - a railway component.

authors of the project assigned special hopes to plans on development of the second turn of a complex which assumes arrangement of the automobile terminal on 10 Hectares. However its prospects are foggier: It is literally through a wall the new automobile terminal " is already constructed; the South - 2 (an active the Companies Ust - Luga ), possessing approximately in 10 time bolshej the area. For its start yet there is no only a check point through state border.

Rukovodstvo Ust - Luga already repeatedly brought up a question on possibility of transfer to management to it or all ferry complex Rosmorporta or its automobile part which could serve for expansion the South - 2 . However in the Russian Railway are not ready to speak about possibility of association of terminals yet. In turn, Valery Izrajlit has explained daily that if there are any possibilities of association of terminals, only regarding technological unification at processing of automobile cargoes.