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the Fashion should be free from ideology

Interview to design duet Dsquared2

Twin-brothers of the Canadian origin of DYNES and DAN KEJTENY, fashion designers of popular mark Dsquared2, have arrived to Moscow on Mercedes-Benz defile & Dsquared2 - Fashion 2 Fashion also have told to the correspondent daily to VERONICA GUDKOVOJ about the osenne - a winter collection, plans of creation of a collection for the winter Olympic Games and relations with Greenpeace.

- whether Difficultly to the man to think out and sew on - to the present womanly ladies` clothes?

Dynes: Probably, no. We began to sew clothes very much early, absolutely young. For dolls we did not sew - it was more interesting to help to put on beautifully to our sisters.

Dan: At us five sisters. They constantly turned before a mirror, trying on our dresses, choosing styles, and we looked and thought how to dress them even better, how to think up still something.

- That for you the present feminity in clothes?

Dynes: I think that the present feminity is a special, non-standard relation to life, to the world. For someone feminity are the underlined forms, for someone - restraint. It is the big care in selection of things, style decisions. Accuracy.

Dan: Reserved sensuality. It is difficult for defining any general words.

- probably, a question habitual for you: how you divide duties? How together work over a collection?

Dan: At us set of the general ideas, we attentively listen each other, and then we begin everyone the part of work. It goes at different levels: Dynes is engaged in one part of a collection, I - another, then these levels are without serious consequences and accurately combined, turning to a single whole.

- tell, please, about the new collection. What its basic accents, what seasonal trends you have tracked?

Dynes: Our winter collection is cast by London. It will be something very English, such quintessence of the British style. Very womanly clothes, style lady - like. And thus - sexual. I hope, we managed to observe balance. In style of the present lady there should not be nothing stuck out, is false underlined, but thus it is necessary to place the necessary accents competently: you them do not see, but can at desire domyslit.

Dan: Recently at many designers the special attention is concentrated on accessories, on footwear. Our hit - shoes on very high heels of enough provocative form, in the form of lightnings. Some critics have drawn parallels with emblems of nazis, but is absolute anything provocative we in a kind had no. The fashion should be free from ideology.

- and in a man`s collection?

Dynes: Its hero - the bad guy from London, and its clothes are a mixture of cultures. multikulturnost, inherent in this city, for a long time became a popular trend. Achieve illusion multikulturnosti in a suit the fashion designer can correct selection of fabrics and the invoices contrasting among themselves. It both a cage, and black denim, both a skin - simple and varnished, and fur, and something from style militari.

- to you did not suggest to do sportswear for the Olympic games, for example?

Dan: it is interesting to Any designer to make the big sports line, to dress the whole command, people different komplektsii, a sex, age is broad lands for variations, games with silhouettes, the sizes. There are thoughts to make a collection for the following Olympic Games - to us interesting to work with winter clothes.

- whether there is among the glorified couturiers of the past and the present someone on whom you could equal, any your favourites?

Dan: We very much like designer Azzedin Alajja. It very creative person, at it set of original ideas, and it has rendered on us a great influence as, I think, and on many other our colleagues.

- you quite often use natural fur, a skin, suede in the collections. It does not create problems with active workers Greenpeace, defenders of wildlife?

Dynes: Problems, of course, can arise, but hardly we will cease to use these materials. The natural fur is simply beautiful, and the skin is necessary in our work. Leather coats and leather footwear should be from a skin, instead of from synthetics.

- what impressions were left at you by Moscow?

Dan: the Big, impressing, very active city. It is our second visit to Moscow, but all of us time work much, we simply have no time to wander on streets, to have a good time.

dynes: It would be desirable to return to Moscow once again - simply to have a rest.

- What things you would recommend to buy from your collection: one man`s and one female?

Dynes: For the man - jeans. The classical, well sewed jeans. This council, however, is fair and for any other collection. Such thing is necessary in any clothes.

Dan: For the woman - a fur coat. Especially it is useful in Moscow, after all at you such cold winters.