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Talibs prepared children in Pakistan -

the Pakistan army has found out condemned men in movement camp the Taliban children who were trained in to school of condemned men .
During fights 20 children whom insurgents prepared as fighters, have been found in a valley the Matchmaker of scouts and demolition men - condemned men. 11 boys have been shown journalists, younger from which 7 years were hardly executed, transfers Associated Press.
earlier it was known about use by Talibs of children in operations in Afghanistan, however the information that similar practice is spent and in Pakistan, it is published for the first time.
we Will remind, the Pakistan armies already perform more than two months operation on severo - the country West on purpose to clear a valley the Matchmaker and adjoining areas of the armed supporters of movement the Taliban . During this operation almost all territory of a valley is cleared of Talibs, during fights are killed more than 1,3 thousand Insurgents.
recently the authorities of Pakistan have arrested Sufi Muhammada - the influential protalib cleric and the father-in-law of the known leader of Talibs of a valley Matchmaker Maulana Fazlully.
S.Muhammad was the intermediary at contacts between the government of Pakistan and insurgents of movement the Taliban being in a valley the Matchmaker. With its assistance passed last peace talks of the authorities with Talibs in February 2009.
According to experts, this arrest has shown that the government of Pakistan does not intend to enter any more negotiations with Talibs and will achieve utter annihilation of insurgents.