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On arms of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation pilotless scout planes

On arms Military will arrive - air forces of the Russian Federation the next years planes of the fifth generation will arrive. In the long term shock pilotless flying machines (BLA) will make about half of Russian aircraft depot of warplanes. It was declared by the commander-in-chief Military - air forces the general - colonel Alexander Zelin, informs TV channel “ to Conduct “.
“ In the long term, in process of end of transition of aircraft of the Air Forces to new shape, the share of pilotless aviation complexes can make to 40 % from an aggregate number of all fighting aircraft “ - the commander-in-chief of the Air Forces has assured. Delivery in armies of the first fighting BLA will begin in 2011γ.
Speaking about the basic characteristics of the new plane, the general has noticed that “ for it there is a reality a supermanoeuvrability, high intellectualization of a board, a circular information field, a small visibility, vserakursnyj bombardment of the purposes “.
the Distinctive feature of the new plane - multifunctionality. Cars will carry out variety of fighting problems, in particular can conduct effective prospecting actions “ on all depth of action of front and partially distant aircraft “.
the General recognised that occurrence of new supercars is caused by character of the modern wars demanding increase of level of knowledge of the opponent.
now on arms of the Air Forces of Russia there are pilotless devices of the first generation, and also Sou scout planes - 24ΜΠ and the Instant - 25ΠΑ, prospecting problems solving only in tactical and operative depth.