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Of road accident with Rossel`s prospective participation have accused road services

traffic police Management on Sverdlovsk area has published on the site the message on road accident in which, under the informal information, governor Edward Rossel participated. The car inspection especially notices that failure has caused the big public resonance .
In traffic police inform that incident in which course three cars have faced, took place on July, 27th, 2009 nearby 16. 30 on 23 km of a highway the Siberian path. Mercedes G - 55 has driven into a hollow owing to what the forward wheel has become depressurized. The car, having run away, has left on an oncoming traffic strip where on a tangent has faced the car Mitsubishi which has faced the car Skoda moving in a passing direction.
also it is informed that as a result of failure participants of road accident visually have not received physical injuries. However arrived into place doctors, having examined the driver Skodas preliminary diagnosed for it a brain concussion, but the man has refused hospitalisation. Later he has felt sharp deterioration of health and has been compelled has addressed in local clinic where till August, 4th has stayed in a hospital nejrohirurgicheskogo branches. After an extract the man has given an extract about the received traumas in traffic police and has been directed on physical examination on purpose to define the harm done during road accident to health.
meanwhile according to the spent examination, the reason of depressurization of a forward wheel Mercedes there was an arrival on a hollow.
upon the given road accident there was heatedly an administrative business, in which course official MU October DEU it is involved in administrative liability of infringement of rules of the maintenance of a highway on 23 km of the Siberian path.
it is necessary to notice that in car inspection do not name names of participants of failure, but it is known that year of birth of the driver Mercedes coincides with Edward Rossel`s year of birth which also is the owner of the car of mark Mercedes G - 55. Messages on road accident with participation of the governor of Sverdlovsk area have appeared in mass-media on August, 3rd, however journalists said that incident details are kept a secret by law enforcement officers.